Series: CV's Athletic Recruits and Commits

Series: CV Athletic Recruits and Commits
Posted on 09/24/2021
Series: CV Athletic Recruits and Commits

Top Recruits In CV
Isaac Sines and Paddy Hernjak
Staff Writer

Name: Logan Sauve
Grade: 12
Sport: Baseball (catcher)
College: Committed to West Virginia University

What was it like committing so early in your baseball career?

Sauve said, “I am very fortunate and humbled that I was given an opportunity to make my decision at that age. I got to experience things that with the new rules you cannot experience until your senior year. Speaking about the process though I would say that it is the same for any age and you aren’t treated any different. You have to get on their radars so that they continue to follow you and then just perform at your highest level the best you can. It was a little overwhelming at that age. I was definitely nervous, but after that first call I was more relaxed and calm.

Name: KK Sauve
Grade: 12
Sport: Field Hockey (Forward)
College: Committed to The University Of Vermont

What was the thought process on picking your college for the next 4 years?

Sauve said, “For me, academics were the first priority in picking a school. Fortunately, I’m interested in a major that’s offered at most schools. I also wanted a school where I could play field hockey, too. I wanted a good fit with the coaches, and the team. I am able to get all this at the University of Vermont!

Jill J
Name: Jill Jekot
Grade: 10
Sport: Girls Basketball (Guard)
College: offered by Penn State, Pitt, LaSalle, St.Joe’s, Richmond, Dayton, DePaul, Manhattan and is getting interest from some schools in the SEC and ACC

How has the recruiting process been for you so far and especially you being younger, does that affect you at all?

Jekot said, “I have personally loved the recruitment process so far. Basketball has already opened up a lot of new opportunities for me. As a younger player, I still have a lot of time to make a final decision, and I am very lucky to have an experienced family behind me. Taking in all the experiences from this process is an important goal for me as well.”

Name: Nate Miller
Grade: 12
Sport: Baseball (Pitcher)
College: Committed to Goldey Beacom College

What was the thought process on picking your college for the next 4 years?

Miller said, ”The cost was there not only for me but for my family as well. The coaches for the school were super nice and they have plenty of experience with the game which could help me possibly get to the next level. The area of the school is close enough that I can come home for the weekend, but is far enough that I can feel independent.”

Name - Jason Madrak Grade - 12

Sport - Baseball

College - IUP

What was your mindset through the recruiting process and what made you pick IUP?

Madrak said, “When I was looking I was ideally trying to find somewhere as academically challenging as I could handle while still being in a good ball program. Being on the same page as the coaching staff is something I valued and we were all in sync. IUP is a good academic school, but the economic program is very good which is what I am going to study there. I think kids need to be sure they can enjoy the school they are at if they get injured or redshirted, you can’t solely rely on playing. I will get a good chance to play at IUP rather than a bigger school where I would only have a chance at squeezing in.”

Name - Sam Clerkin

Grade - 11

Sport - Lacrosse

College -  IUP

What was your thought process on choosing IUP for your collegiate Lacrosse career?
Clerkin said, “Out of all the colleges I looked at, IUP was my favorite. The coach was very good to me during the process and gave me as much time as I needed and walked me through what playing there was like. The girls on the team were also super sweet to me and I could really tell they were a good team together.”

Name - Presley Staretz

Grade - 12

Sport - Triathlons

Committed - Wagner College

What was your mindset through the recruiting process and what made you pick Wagner?

Staretz said, “I started out this process with swimming in tenth grade. I was talking to d1 swim colleges at the time. One of them mentioned she did triathlons. I thought that was super cool and wanted to try since I also ran. When covid hit my swim was cancelled and I had nothing to do. So I set a goal for myself to do a triathlon. After my first one I loved it and knew I wanted to do this sport for the rest of my life. A triathlon college reached out to me and said you would be great in this sport and have much potential. From there I started talking to more triathlon colleges. Eventually colleges started flying me out to visit their schools and learn more about their training. I loved every bit of it, but when I visited Wagner there was something that stood out to me. It was the fact that the coach and I connected. 

 I wanted a coach that would connect with me not only on the sport but as me as a person. He was by far the one coach that stood out to me the most. I had a gut feeling that this was the right choice from the day I visited. His coaching style and the practices were just what I wanted. When I spoke with the professors I knew they would help me with my future, help guide me to where I belong. And deep down I knew this was where. God was leading me.”

Name - Mia Pesavento

Grade - 12

Sport - Girls Swimming

College -  Lewis University 

What was your mindset through the recruiting process and what made you pick Wagner?

Pesavento said, “During my visit at Lewis, I felt so welcomed. I participated in a practice session with the team and it was very similar to what I do with my club team now. I had a great time with the team, and the campus was beautiful. What made me pick Lewis over other offers was their aviation programs. Lewis is known for their aviation school and I have an interest in studying something in that field. The coaching staff and team are all so nice and I'm confident that with them as my support I'll feel better being so far away from home.”

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