Advice for CV's Freshmen

Freshmen Advice

For many, the starting a new school year can be nerve-wracking. For freshmen, however, it can be horrific. Transitioning from middle school to highschool is always difficult, especially when the high school is as large as Cumberland Valley.

“The high school is extremely large and there are a lot more people than I was expecting there to be,” freshman Emily Humphrey said, describing her first impression of Cumberland Valley High school.

“It was honestly a shock. There are so many people and the classes are all over the place,” another anonymous freshman said.

            As they transition to a completely new and confusing environment, it is only natural for freshmen to have questions. Luckily for the class of 2021, CV Eye has the answers.

            “Where should freshmen report for gym class?,” Hannah Jacobs asked.

            The location you should report to for gym in 9th grade changes throughout the year. There will be times where you will be in the spectator gym, health room, pool, cardio room, or weight room. However, most classes in the beginning of the year are held in the spectator gym. Your gym teachers will let you know when locations change. If you ever don’t know, ask one of the teachers outside the gyms before gym begins.

“Can we meet with teachers after school?,” Julian Palumbo asked.

            This is up to your specific teacher and their schedule but for the most part yes. Most teachers will allow you to see them after school as long as you let them know you want to meet before hand. If your teacher will not let you see them after school, you can definitely see them during resource. Meeting with teachers is essentially what resource period is for.

            “How much do gym uniforms cost? Am I allowed to go to the school store during my lunch period?,” Rohan Patil asked.

            Gym uniforms usually cost 10 dollars for a set, 6 dollars for shorts, and 4 dollars for a t-shirt. You may also receive used uniforms in the office by making a donation to CV Mini-Thon. The student store is open during resource and during all lunch periods so yes, you may go during your lunch period as long as you get a pass from a teacher in the lunchroom.

            “What do we do if we can’t find our ID?,” Ruchi Patel asked.

            If you forget your ID when you go to the IMC, the librarians will let you enter the IMC with your lunch number two times during the year. After those two times are used up, you will not be able to use your lunch number to get into the IMC again and will have to present your ID. If you lose your ID you can purchase a new one in the IMC for 2 dollars. A good way to always have your ID with you is to take a quality picture of it with your phone. The picture of your ID works the same way as the actual ID would.

            “Is there a way to consistently know what homework is in every class?,” an anonymous freshman asked.

Schoology will be a great resource once teachers have enough time to get used to it. It is best to get used Schoology because teachers will use it more and more in the coming years. The calendar feature on Schoology is useful for seeing when assignments are due in all of your classes. Another good strategy is to use a planner, or if you’re allowed to, your phone, to keep track of the assignments and homework you have in your classes.

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