CVMFA Pony Team Plays Super Bowl

Ponly Team Super Bowl
Posted on 11/15/2019
Pony Team Super BowlCVMFA Pony Team Plays in Super Bowl
Emma Neely
Staff Writer

The CVMFA Pony Eagles competed against the Central Penn Crusaders at Bishop McDevitt High School  Super Bowl this past Sunday, November 10.

The winner of the Super Bowl was a tough and talented Central Penn team, their second win over the Eagles this year, the only team that had beaten them all

"It was surprising to make it to the Super Bowl. It was surprising because it was the first time in ten years that we made it there on the Pony level, and the ponies were the only level to make itfrom CV," Gaurd and Defensive Tackle, Silver Spring Fifth grader, Jacob Hartzell said.

They practiced five times a week over the summer, and three times per week during the school
year. These boys worked extremely hard to get a chance to play in the Super Bowl starting their abundant amount of practices at the end of July.

Pony Coach and CV senior Connor Mundis said, “We played hard, even though we walked out of Bishop McDevitt with a second place medal, my boys were number one in my heart. They battled hard and showed heart. These boys went 10–2 overall and completely dominated all year. Unfortunately those two losses were to a tough crusader team, we still showed them what a CV football team plays like. And I couldn’t be any prouder of my boys.”

"Coaching is something that I’m going to be able to hold with me and apply in the future. Having so many kids look up to you gives you a sense of extended family and responsibility," Pony Coach and CV Junior Logan Van Nostrand said. "I was so proud seeing these kids consistently get better every week learning the game of football. Coaching is a 24/7 job, since there isn’t a moment that goes by where I’m not thinking about the

For the upcoming season Hartzell said, "Knowing that we are going to lose half of the star players on the [Pony] Varsity team this year, it will make it a lot harder next year, but I know that I will try my best."

This team had a great year, and making it to the Super Bowl is a huge accomplishment for these boys, and considering they are the future of Cumberland Valley football, the future is bright.
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