Athlete Spotlight: Emma Cantor

Emma Cantor
Posted on 01/14/2020
Emma CantorStudent Highlight: Emma Cantor
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer

Emma Cantor, a junior at CV, has had plenty of experience prioritizing her life. Along with school
work, she juggles CVDT, Mini-THON, and CV Argus.

“Time management is a huge thing for me due to all the things I'm involved in. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the course of my high school career as I’ve always tried to be involved in multiple activities and clubs," Cantor said. "I like to use my different strengths in school and in clubs/activities to make myself a well-rounded person. Setting a schedule for yourself is an important part of time management and being able to prioritize things, such as school work. My agenda helps a lot,” Cantor said.

Cantor is a student first and an athlete second. Education is a big part of her life, so she has many opinions about the classes she has taken.

“Freshman year my social studies teacher, Mrs.Logan, and my English teacher, Mr.Bortner, were my favorite classes and teachers. They both inspired me to push myself and I still keep in touch with both of them. Sophomore year I thoroughly enjoyed AP Government taught by Mrs.Beaver.

She also pushed me out of comfort zone and gave me confidence in my school work. This year, I took my first IB Class, which was IB English, taught by Mr.Emerick. This class has been one of the best I have ever taken and I recommend it for everyone! I love that we get to opportunity to voice opinions or concerns,” Cantor said.

She also participates in CV Argus, known as the yearbook.
“Yearbook is more of an independent affair, but making sure you are involved in in/out of school events is the biggest part,” Cantor said.

Goals are an important part of being successful. Cantor has a few goals for CVDT this season along with next year.

“I would like to get my quad pirouette by the end of the summer this year. It’s a trick that isn’t required for any of my teams, but one I would like to master going into senior year,” Cantor said.

“I plan on trying to be captain next year, or co-captain. I try to make sure everyone is treating each other nicely and with respect. We get nowhere if we’re fighting or not focused. I would try to make the year fun and drama-free,” Cantor said.

Cantor does not exact plans for what she wants to do after graduating CV, but she has some ideas.

“I plan on attending college after completing high school. Possibly going into law school,” Cantor said.

Throughout her journey at CV, Cantor has accumulated some advice that can be shared with any underclassmen:

“As everyone knows junior year is the hardest year of high school. So my advice is be prepared for that. It’s not going to always be super easy but you’ll get through it. Try to enjoy it because it goes by so fast and one day you’ll miss it,” Cantor said.
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