Student Highlight: Julia Leo

Student Highlight: Julia Leo
Posted on 01/14/2020
Julia LeoStudent Highlight: Student Athletic Trainer Julia Leo
Grace Milone
Staff Writer

Julia Leo is a junior and is a part of the student athletic training program for the 2019-2020 school year. She went through an application process and helps assist the trainers with the basketball, wrestling, and swimming teams at CV.

“I get to interact with the athletes and get to experience the environment of a potential career in the medical field,” Leo said.

She has a variety of responsibilities and jobs which require her to stay after school and attend all home games. Leo has to be able to balance her homework, extracurriculars, and her own responsibilities for the golf team. Along with watching the athletic trainers work with athletes, she also has hands on experience herself.

“It’s honestly not difficult at all, but if you are lazy and don’t like helping out with work such as dishes, folding, and cleaning up I wouldn’t recommend it for you,” Leo said.

Prior to accepting students into the program, the athletic trainers requested that only those interested in the medical field apply for the program. This is due to the high interest and amount of applications they receive for each school year.

“If you are interested in the medical field, specifically athletic training or physical training it is an amazing experience to get a look inside a future profession,” Leo said.

Although the program does not always require the student athletic trainers to work with patients full time, it does consist of a lot of commitment and involvement. The trainers are held responsible for a lot of duties and jobs.

“I work every day after school for three hours and sometimes work weekend games and tournaments and I did work a few days over Thanksgiving and Christmas break. If you utilize your time and don’t procrastinate it’s very easy to manage,” Leo said.

“I am allowed to help with certain stuff such as filling waters, deep cleaning bottles, folding towels, sanitizing tables, filling hot or ice baths, hooking athletes up to STIM or game ready, wrapping blisters, and massaging sore athletes. I’m learning to wrap an ankle currently, and I get to watch all the rehab and assessments of an injured athlete,” Leo said.

Leo works with the athletic trainers to learn new techniques and how to do specific tasks. They demonstrate what the tools are and why it is important. She and the other student trainers learn from a first hand perspective which is a great way to be educated more about the career field.

“Sheila, Austin, and Leah [the athletic trainers] are all extravagant, supportive, and helpful. They will explain everything to us and answer all of our questions. They are great models and I enjoy learning from them and being around them,” Leo said.

Leo is able to witness the process from when athletes are injured, to their rehabilitation, and recovery. She assists them in working to overcome their injuries and get them back to being healthy.

“It is also amazing to see what different parts of the body are affected when there is an injury and how we can help relieve the athlete of that pain,” Leo said.

With the help of the athletic trainers and student athletic trainers, athletes are able to have their injuries assessed, cared for, and healed so they are ready to get back to their sports.

Although Leo explains that it is a lot of work and takes dedication, the program is an excellent experience for those looking into that career field. Similar to Leo, other student athletic trainers work for different sports, but still endure the same instruction from the athletic trainers themselves.
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