Teacher Highlight: Miss Grieble

Teacher Highlight: Miss Grieble
Posted on 11/04/2019
Teacher Highlight: Miss Grieble

Staff Highlight: Mini-THON Co-Advisor Miss Kristin Grieble 

Grace Milone

Staff Writer



Miss. Grieble is a math teacher at CV as well as a co-advisor for Mini-THON, which requires a lot of time management between teaching duties and Mini-THON events. 

I've always been someone who has stayed very busy so I'm used to a full schedule, but there have been times where you make sacrifices to be at Mini-THON stuff. Luckily my friends and fiance understand and are supportive,” Grieble said.

Mini-THON is an inspiring movement with events year round to raise money. Being apart of something special like Mini-THON can be very rewarding.

The day after Mini-THON when the current group realizes they completed a year's worth of work. The relationship the group has with each other once they are done is something truly special,” Grieble said.

“I enjoy watching high school kids have a purpose more than anything. So many people say the current generations don't care about anything other than themselves and Mini-THON is proof that isn't true. I'd say to anyone, come watch our school,” Grieble said.

Through the 8 years Miss. Grieble has been the co-advisor for Mini-THON, there have been many memorable moments. 

“It's hard to say [what the most memorable moment is]. Each group has brought different memories. The one that sticks out the most was at a man pageant. The one senior boy one year had a Four Diamonds family he was close to and they came to watch. At the end of the night, the hug between the mother of the family and the senior made me cry (and I'm not a crier). That moment was what this is all about,” Grieble said.

CV’s Mini-THON is one of the most well known and looked forward to events. Students put in hard work, dedication, and passion into the huge movement to raise money for children with pediatric cancer. As being a co-advisor, Grieble has a main role in the movement and what goes into the night of Mini-THON.

“Sometimes I don't realize how big we are in the school and out in the community. To me, I'm just a face who says yes and no, allows things to happen and doesn't. I don't do much of the work, the students really do the grind so I don't really consider myself being in charge. Mr. Stanley and I really try to have it be student led and just step in where and when we need to,” Grieble said. 

Each year Mini-THON has raised more and more money for the kids. Grieble who has many hopes for the future of Mini-Thons.

“I hope that our kids continue to put others first. You do that, and it will still always be successful,” Grieble said. 

Although Grieble loves her role in Mini-THON and helping the students run it, she is unsure if she will continue the position for as long as she is teaching.

“I would like to start a family soon and if that happens, my family will definitely come first. The schedule is brutal at times and very demanding, which is not very conducive to a family,” Grieble said.

In addition to overseeing the work of chairs and committee members, there are many other exciting moments of Mini-THON including the raising of the grand total the night of. 

Stanley [the second co-advisor], myself and our finance chair know our total all year round so it's not so much as a surprise to us as everyone. Our first comment said at the first meeting of the year and then frequently throughout is that we don't care what their number is at the end. It doesn't matter. We don't really want emphasis on what that number is and more so on the effort throughout the year. Any money raised is more money than Four Diamonds had before,” Grieble said. 

Mini-THON is such a large event that a majority of students attend. Preparation for the big night lasts all year round and requires a lot of hard work.

“The paperwork and the registration process of having 1300 students in the building at the same time [is the hard part]. I encourage everyone to always read the paperwork thoroughly to make sure it's filled out correctly. It will really help us out!”

Not only does Grieble manage her time between her personal life, work life, and Mini-THON duties, she also is always there for her students needs whether it is math or Mini-THON related. Although Mini-THON is mostly student ran, it is safe to say that none of it would be possible without the work and dedication of Miss Grieble.

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