CV Students Organize Walkout

CV Students Organize Walkout
Posted on 03/08/2018
Riley Hester
Staff Writer

Students of Cumberland Valley are planning a student march in the wake of the recent,
tragic event in Parkland.

“After the traumatic event in Parkland, many of the IB students started talking and the general agreement was that we needed to start something and do something to make a difference. We are just hoping to spread awareness and hopefully help make change in our local community,” Bailey Harper, student involved in the march, said.

Students planning the march are advertising and spreading the word through social media. They have been posting updates on their instagram, @cumberland.valley.walkout, as well as retweeting facts and current events on their twitter, @marchfor_CV. With this, students organizing the march hope gain participation from a large number of students.

“I think that the more awareness we spread, the more likely we are to ultimately be successful,” Harper said. “I think there’s a common knowledge in the back of everyone’s head that no one wants to believe a school shooting could happen to us, or in our area, however, as
long as the availability to guns is as accessible as it is now, we can’t consider ourselves any
better than anyone else.”

“I followed the account after seeing it pop up on my feed. I was glad to see students were getting involved with such an issue, as I had been feeling eager to make a change myself after recent events,” Junior Liz Jackson said.
Administration has also taken the march into consideration, and they are doing their part in ensuring students are able to protest in a safe environment.

“The administration is taking all of these factors into consideration, and I am confident that they will make a decision that will be in the students’ best interest and also in the best interest of students’ safety and that they will handle it appropriately,” Government and US History teacher Mr. Palyo said.

“In a large part of my course we study activism and the civil rights movement, and we talk a lot about how young people are often the largest influencers of change. The fact that people are dialed into what is going on in the country right now and that we are doing things for change and to make a statement is inspiring. Whatever shape the protest takes, the adult in me says be careful; don’t do anything that will get you in trouble long term. But if we want things to change, we have to have people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and challenge
the status quo. I encourage students to be active and involved and the fact that they are politically engaged in something is a positive for me,” Palyo said.
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