Cafeteria Honors Diversity

Cafeteria Honors Diversity
Posted on 09/03/2019
Cafe FlagsCafeteria Honors Diversity
Veronica Slevin
Staff Writer

Cumberland Valley is home to students with international backgrounds, from varying generation immigrants or exchange students, the school is more cuturally and ethnically diverse than ever.

The school hung flags from all the countries of the homes of the international students before the start of the year in the cafeteria. They did this through obtaining the countries of which the students are from and acquiring and hanging the flags.

On the first day of school, the administrators reasoned that the flags would make these students feel ‘more at home’ and more ‘welcomed’. By hanging the flags, the administrators signaled the school's welcome to international students.

Sandra Fahmy is a senior at CV. She and her family lived in Egypt until 2011 whe she was in fourth grade.

“Where I lived in Egypt was relatively more patriotic than where I live now. I do not mind the abundance of flags in the school, because in Egypt we had the same type of pride,” Fahmy said.

When asked about the flags in the cafeteria, Fahmy said she was indifferent about the flags.

“The flags do not make me feel more welcomed because they do not change people’s attitudes or the environment. The administrators tried to make people welcome, but it didn’t accomplish much,” Fahmy said.

Fahmy appreciates the effort the administrators used to make people feel more welcomed and accepted at an American public school but feels that a country’s symbol is not going to change people’s prejudice and discriminatory actions.

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