High School Offers Unprecedented Catalog of Courses

High School Offers Unprecedented Course Catalog
Posted on 02/20/2018
Junior Emily Bowman selects her courses for her senior yearRiley Noga
Staff Writer

A new change appeared concerning the course selection process for the 2018-2019 school
year. Students in previous years were prompted to fill out a course selection paper and get signatures from their teachers for specific classes. Now, students have meetings with their teachers to decide on what course is the best fit to take the following year.

After a course is decided, the teachers enter these recommendations into CVSIS. Other classes, such as electives, are put into CVSIS and requested by students using the course number listed.

A grade-level Principal, Mr. Robinson, said, “The idea of scheduling does not change…the way it looks and feels is different as students and teachers are now using CVSIS to enter course requests.”

The decision to switch the process of course selection was based on time, use of CVSIS, and scheduling decisions. With all the available technology in the school, an online format was able to be created knowing every student could successfully fill out their courses.

“Our school counselors were spending a lot of time manually entering student course requests. This new system allows for students and teachers to be a part of the online scheduling process and also allows for students, parents, and teachers to see requests in real time,” Robinson said.

In addition to the new course selection process, there are new courses being offered for the 2018-2019 school year. Some examples are Music Technology, Hospitality Services, an extension of Semester III (summer courses), more blended classes, and more HACC classes.

Since this is the first year the online course selection process took place, some problems appeared with the technology on both ends.

“A lot of work had to be done behind the scenes to ‘clean up’ the course numbers being used. To address these concerns we have communicated a lot with teachers and offered three days of all day help sessions in the IMC,” Robinson said.

Students had concerns that the online process would be too challenging to adapt to and understand especially if more changes occur.

“Communication, training resources, and administration support/assistance at CVHS will
ensure that whatever method we use will be successful” Robinson said.

Also, many people wondered if course selection will stay online and be successful in the
future years.

“While the most important part of scheduling will always stay the same (students working/talking with teachers, counselors, and parents), the way this process is managed will evolve with the needs of the scheduling process and the software systems we have in place to
accomplish this,” Robinson said.

“Our definition of success is that students leave for the summer with a schedule that reflects the most courses they requested and, most importantly, sets them up for a successful year” Robinson said.
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