Novel Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus
Posted on 03/02/2020
Coronavirus Outbreak
Veronica Slevin
Staff Writer

The newest coronavirus outbreak, CoVid-19, has spread around the world and has proven deadly. Originating in the Wuhan Province in China, the disease has impacted the world in so many ways. There have been over 83,000 confirmed cases and around 3,000 deaths attributed to this virus, and the virus has infected people in at least 50 countries worldwide.

Many countries, including the US, are trying to combat and best prevent the virus from spreading. Pennlive has published a list of symptoms to be aware of, including : fever, cough, and trouble breathing. In addition, they have listed ways to prevent illness, including: washing hands, avoidance of touching the face, and avoiding large crowds.

The US has cancelled events with large groupings of people, including planned military training. Also, they have cancelled flights in and out of the country, and are screening people for symptoms of the virus upon entry to the country. Unfortunately, there are cases of the virus in the US that the infected individuals have had no direct contact with any known coronavirus sources/spreaders. This means that the spreading of the disease is inevitable.

The US is suffering in other ways besides many people being sick. The stock market is the worst it has been since 2008 and the stocks have been going down for seven straight days. This is a result of the lockdown of transnational corporations and many people having sick days or being quarantined.

College abroad programs are shutting down and sending students home, and people planning on unnecessary travel to places such as Italy, Korea, and Japan are being advised to reconsider their trips and stay home.

The coronavirus may not directly affect CV, but has gotten a lot of chatter and speculation spreading around the school. Some students are scared of the disease and the potential effects it could have. Although it is not near Cumberland Valley as of now, if the disease reaches us, the school and community will reach real issues due to the lack of resources and quarantine. Because there is no cure, some people have their concerns as well.

72 out of the 110 people surveyed said that they were not concerned at all about the coronavirus affecting them, leaving the other third of surveyed people scared about the virus. For an area that is not currently directly affected, I think that that is a high amount of people who have concerns. Many rumors and speculations are occurring regarding the disease.

For now, the best thing for the CV community to do is try best to prevent any illness by washing hands and staying clear of anyone who is sick.

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