Review: 'Sons of Sam'

Review: 'Sons of Sam'
Posted on 01/06/2022
Review: 'Sons of Sam'Review: The Sons of Sam

The Sons Of Sam: A Descent into Darkness is a true life story narrated by Maury Terry, a journalist who believed the serial killer, David Berkowitz didn’t act alone in his crimes. Berkowitz wasn’t just a killer, he was a satanic killer, believed to be part of a large organization who worshipped the devil. However, without Maury Terry the investigation wouldn’t have made it as far as it did.

The NYPD was trying to cover up their reckless work by keeping the case closed so they wouldn’t be exposed. I would review this an 8/10 and recommend this show to anyone who enjoys mystery/investigation, suspense, plot twists, and death. The show is really well organized with how they followed a timeline of all the events and fit them into a series of 4 episodes.

The first episode chronologically orders each Son of Sam case, starting with the shootings of Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti. At this time, crime was at its peak, changing New York City's nickname from “Fun City” to “Fear City”.

Over the next year, 5 people were murdered and 6 were wounded in 8 seperate shootings. All 8 cases were eventually tied together with evidence of a “.44 caliber revolver bullet." For months, NYPD followed leads and tips to track down Berkowitz but nothing panned out. Sketches that were described from survivors and eye-witnesses didn’t match Berkowitz because the police were searching for someone who didn’t even resemble him.

Berkowitz wrote two letters, one to NYPD Captain, Joseph Borelli and another to a journalist known as Jimmy Breslin. Berkowitz was giving clues in both letters claiming, “I am the ‘monster’ ‘beezlebub’ – the ‘chubby behemouth” in the first letter to Borelli. He then greeted Breslin in the second letter with “hello from the gutters of NYC” and continued on with the multiple clues hidden within.

However, after 13 long months they received a tip from a woman who happened to witness one of Berkowitz's crimes. She claimed she had seen a cop tagging a cream-colored car parked illegally near a fire hydrant one block from the murder site. They ended up tracking the car to Berkowitz and found it as his residence.They recovered the “.44 caliber revolver” in a bag next to Berkowitz in the car when they arrested him. The NYPD finally arrested David Berkowitz on August 10, 1977.

Moreover, in episode two it starts off with the questioning of why Berowitz killed and committed the crimes he did. When prosecuted, he claimed, “Well, Sam did it through me” Sam wasn’t a person, he was a dog. Maury Terry’s backstory was introduced which tied into the investigation because of where he grew up. Maury once knew a kid from highschool named John Carr, who had the nickname “John Wheaties”. He also had a brother, Michael Carr, both beaten and treated poorly by their father, Sam Carr. Maury believed that the letters Berkowitz sent were connected to the Carr family. To Maury, the letters were alluding saying, “Papa Sam keeps me locked in the attic. He beats his family. I am the Son of Sam."

It was a veiled image from the real sons of Sam to their father whom they hated. Maury also believed that John Carr had to be the “John Wheaties” written on the letter. Witnesses for certain shootings claimed that the man who they had seen pull the trigger wasn’t Berkowitz. This made Maury believe that there really were two or three more killers involved in the Sons of Sam investigation.

As Berkowitz was serving his sentence, he wrote a letter to Jim Mitteager, an investigative reporter who befriended Berkowitz. Berkowitz admitted that, “This is all a plot. There are other ‘sons’ out there. God help the world”, with this haunting information Maury took it to the authorities. Maury was hoping the authorities would reopen the case with his pitch but they rejected it.

If you want to know if Maury’s investigation was proven liable, then you’ll need to watch the rest of the show. The last two episodes are dark, creepy, gruesome, and with the information discovered. However, it's your choice to witness what truly happened with the Sons of Sam case.

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