CV Girls Wrestling: A Dominant New Program

CV Girls Wrestling: A Dominant New Program
Posted on 12/07/2022
CV Girls Wrestling: A Dominant New ProgramCV Developing Dominant New Program
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
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Two athletes drill wrestling techniques during training after school.

Cumberland Valley is the 42nd school in PA to form an official girls wrestling team, which was a new club just last year. Girls Wrestling is an emerging sport in the US; in the 2017-18 season, only 6 states had sanctioned championships for girls wrestling, and there are now 36.

For Pennsylvania girls wrestling to be sanctioned, the PIAA requires there to be at least 100 schools with girls wrestling programs and 5 competition points according to There are currently 80 programs in Pennsylavnia, the latest being from West Lawn Wilson High School in Reading.

“I think that we have enough girls to really like make a difference for Pennsyvania Wrestling,” said sophomore Mari Bruscino. “It’s not necessarily my goal for the team to be the best, but really like push sanctioning Girls Wrestling.”

The Girls Wrestling team started their preseason training in September, working on conditioning and wrestling basics. During their time in the wrestling room they do intensive warmups and exercises before wrestling, including weightlifting and technique drills.

Many girls, like Junior Ajanai Jumper who previously did cheer and softball, have joined to to try something new.

“It was a change from any other sport I did,” Jumper said. “Wrestling felt like we were closer together than cheer would be.”

Most of the team is new to the sport and have had little knowledge of the sport prior to preseason training, yet they’ve quickly learned crucial skills and have started competing.

“There are many things different individuals are trying to achieve: be healthier, learn self-defense, develop self-confidence and leadership, learn the benefits of proper sleep and nutrition,” Coach Seagreaves said. “But make no mistake, we are doing all that in the context of trying to be the best team in the State.”

Girls wrestling isn’t much different from boys wrestling; they fight using their strength and training to beat their opponent. Wrestling allows girls to exhibit their brute strength as well as their intelligence.

“I love coaching the girls because every day they show up, they break some myths. They prove everyday that girls are just as athletic, courageous, tough, and determined to win as boys are,” Coach Seagreaves said. “That’s pretty inspiring to me.”

The Girls Wrestling team is still accepting more girls, and the only required item is wrestling shoes. To join the team or learn more information, contact Coach Seagreaves at [email protected]
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