Sophomores' First Impressions

Sophomores' First Impressions
Posted on 09/12/2023
Sophomores' First ImpressionsSophomores First Impressions
Gavin Kendrick, Deagan Rardain
Staff Writers
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Sophomores Walking through the upper red house of CV . August 30 2023

Sophomores are just now having their first experiences in the high school after a school year at CV9.

“High school is starting to grow on me, but I like CV9 better since it has shorter walks between classes," Merrill said. The long walks in between classes is what does it for him. He enjoyed the short convenient walks at CV9.

The high school is home for 10-12th graders after the addition of the ninth grade academy in the fall of 2021. CV9 is a freshman-only school to help free up space for the massive student body of the school district. So far CV9 seems to be successful, but the class sizes are still growing.

Sophomore Brody Pines said he likes the highschool better because, “I get to see people in the hallway when I go to lunch or when I am walking in the hallway.”

Most people would agree that in life it helps to have someone to learn from, so that you can be more prepared in all aspects of life. This remains true for high school. Many students are nervous to come into their first years of high school, but having someone to look up to that has already gone through the experiences makes a world of difference.

The high school provides a lot more opportunities for the underclassmen compared to what was at CV9.

Sophomore Dara Williamson said, “I’m looking forward to being more involved in all the school events like homecoming, football games, and CV Mini-THON.”

After talking to many new high school students, it is apparent that they now feel more included in the student body. This transition can be difficult for many individuals, however with the help of upperclassmen the CV9 students will have no problem fitting in.

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