Welcome to CV Mr. Fraser

Welcome to CV Mr. Fraser
Posted on 10/25/2023
Welcome to CV Mr. FraserWhat it’s like to be a new custodian in the CV community
Bryce Staretz
Staff Writer

Mr. Chris Fraser hangs with Bryce Staretz during football practice. 

New CV Facilities employee Chirstopher Fraser likes to go by Chris. He moved here from Jamaica and earned his custodial job at the DSF.

While living in Jamaica, Chris learned responsibility helping his large family. 

“I would just help out my siblings, there were eight of us, I was the second child. My parents went away, so I was the one that stepped in and helped them”.

Chris' parents moved away first to establish their livelihoods in America.

“When my parents came here they sent for me and all of my siblings that they left behind”.

Like any new employee in any job, Chris' first days on the job were a little anxious.

“My first day at the job here was a little bit intimidating because I have never done a job like this before. I didn’t know what to expect, but I have a great work ethic so I just jumped right in."

Chris said the CV community is treating him well.

“All of my peers treat me very well, very respectful. Most of all my football kids treat me the best, I love them, they are unbelievable. Being around the coaches and the kids. That's my favorite part”.

Fraser often watches the football team at practice while he works and has already become an important member of the CV family. 

Welcome to CV, Mr. Chris Fraser. 
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