Variety of Energy Drinks Attract Students

Variety of Energy Drinks Attract Students
Posted on 02/07/2024
Variety of Energy Drinks Attract StudentsThe energy drink display at Wegman's

Many students are overworked, stressed, and exhausted from school, work, sports, extracurriculars, and other activities, and many students drink copious amounts of caffeinated beverages every week to get them through their long days. Although students may feel that these drinks are beneficial to the body, most of these beverages are very unhealthy and can cause harmful effects in the long run.

There are many different brands of energy drinks that are sold in stores. The most popular drinks include Red Bull, Monster, Celsius, and Rockstar. Alani Nu has recently also become very popular to this generation. When you walk down the hallways of a high school, more and more students have one in their hand. Caffeine addictions have become widespread to many high school students across the country. Once you start drinking one daily, it becomes very hard to stop. You can experience headaches, fatigue, nausea, and even muscle pain due to withdrawal symptoms.

Despite the fact that students believe these drinks help fuel their body, in reality the ingredients in these drinks are very dangerous. Some of the unsafe ingredients used to produce the strong caffeine include theophylline and theobromine. Consuming these chemicals in large amounts have many negative effects on the body. Some effects include insomnia, anxiety, heart complications, dehydration, and seizures. Excess amounts can even send teenagers to this emergency room.

I have talked to multiple students over the last week about how many energy drinks they drink in a week. On average, the standard amount that one would drink in a week was 5 cans. I tend to drink 6 cans a week on average. I also asked many students why they drink so much caffeine. Many answered with, "I don’t have the energy," or "it helps me get through the day." A Junior said, “I am always busy and get little sleep, so I need the caffeine to get everything done.” Getting minimal sleep tends to push students in the direction of caffeine as their source of energy.

The reliance on caffeine can do damage to anybody, but especially the bodies of growing teenagers.  

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