Gaming Review: Press Start

Gaming Review: Press Start
Posted on 12/01/2017

Press Start By Ryan Krahulec

I’ll do the research so you can get straight to playing!

Today’s Game: Cuphead

Cuphead is, an unusual game to say the least. It is an action based run and gun platformer available on Xbox One and PS4. Run and gun means that you traverse a variety of levels while shooting all enemies in sight with a variety of different weapons. Another thing that’s interesting about this game is that the music and art style of it are based on an old 1930s-40s cartoon. It takes place in the land of Inkwell Isle, where Cuphead and his brother Mugman travel far from home and find themselves at the Devil’s Casino.

Once there, the brothers go on an incredible winning streak, which amazes the casino’s sleazy owner, King Dice. It also attracts the attention of King Dice’s boss, the Devil, who challenges them to a wager, if they win the next roll of the dice, he’ll give them all of the money in the casino, but if they lose, he gets their souls. Blinded by possible wealth, Cuphead rolls the dice and, surprise surprise, they lose.
 They beg and plead with the Devil to not take their souls, so he strikes another deal with them, he has some other folks who owe him their souls, if the brothers can claim the soul contracts of all the debtors within 24 hours, he’ll let them keep their souls. Thus, you, as the player, must travel this world, defeat the debtors, and claim their soul contracts in order to save Cuphead and Mugman.

This game is surprisingly hard, even on the easiest difficulty setting, the only way I can think of to get good at it is to just practice as much as you can, save up your coins to buy the best items from the shop, and hope you have a whole lot of luck on your side, otherwise, this game will take you down, trust me, I know.

This game does have its ups and downs, as most games will, and it is becoming infamous within the gaming community for its difficulty, here are some pros and cons of Cuphead.

Pros:                                                                    Cons: Charming art style                                       Insane difficulty Good, solid gameplay                                Generally hard to play Upbeat, jazzy music                                Unforgiving boss battles

I would only recommend this game for veteran gamers who feel confident in their skills, but that shouldn’t discourage you from playing it, it’s still a very fun game, and I enjoy playing it, it can just be frustrating at times. However, no matter your skill level, this game is still a good old cupful of fun!

Final Rating: 3 ½ 1-Ups out of 5

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