Venom Movie Review

Venom Movie Review
Posted on 10/29/2018
Venom Movie Review

Ally Palmer
Staff Writer

There are two general reactions when someone hears that there is another Marvel movie out in theaters. It is either, “great there’s another Marvel movie” with a genuinely excited voice or, “great there’s another Marvel movie” with a snarky sarcastic tone. Whichever tone is expressed, I think everyone should give Venom a shot.

Venom is about a journalist named Eddie Bronk who attempts to discredit and take down Carlton Drake, the founder of the Life Foundation (which is a business that secretly associates with aliens and symbiotes). In his attempts, Bronk falls victim to one of Drake’s experiments, and an alien organism partially takes over his body. With this alien, Bronk acquires superhuman strength and abilities and continues to subdue Drake and stop his and the other alien antagonist’s deadly plans. So Venom is almost like a hero in the story, but he is a villain at the same time because he kills innocent people.

Venom was released in theaters October 5, 2018. It stars Tom Hardy as Venom and Eddie Bronk, Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake, and Michelle Williams as Anne Whying. Venom is a prequel story to how one of Spider Man's enemies originated, so it is an origin story.

Like any other movie in history, not everybody likes or will like Venom. Critics say that it is complete chaos and needs a better connection to Spider Man. Venom, like any other movie, is a matter of personal taste and interest.

The movie starts off strong and interesting and Eddie Bronk gives the impression of an innocent man. He changes throughout the movie, and it is evident that he is not as innocent as he appears.

I especially took interest in this because it was genuinely interesting to see how he changes throughout the movie. I also think the actors performances were powerful and full of various types of emotions.

I would have liked to see more backstory with the aliens in the movie because it almost seemed like the creators stuck Venom and the other aliens into the plot without explaining how or why. There are other plot related things that I did not enjoy and would have liked to see differently, but for the most part it was enjoying to watch.

If you are interested in superheroes and supervillains, Marvel movies, and action movies in general, you should try watching Venom. Venom has similar aspects to other Marvel movies. There are similarities between the movies because the creators get them to tie into the same universe.

Venom has a different appeal than the other Marvel movies because the main character is depicted as the bad guy because of the knowledge that he will go against Spider Man in the future. If you are on the fence about watching the movie, it would be wise to check it out because it is a fun and different movie that will have you hooked from the start.

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