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Posted on 10/29/2018

I've Got a Funny Story

Amanda Willigerod
Staff Writer

Getting grounded for eating limes, cheating on the PSSA’s, or having your parents accidentally call the cops on your sister are all stories from the day in the life of typical CV Students.

Senior Daniel Cody tells a story about limes and discipline.

 “I was at one point grounded for eating limes because my mom was really tired of going back to the store when she would need limes. So, like any normal day I was hiding and eating them in her bathroom. I heard her walk into the room and realized that the only way to dispose of the limes with no evidence would be to put them in the toilet. I tried to flush it, but they got stuck. I had to use a drain snake to get it out, and it took an entire day of pouring buckets of water into the toilet. My mom was so concerned that we would have to call a plumber out of shame for her son, and I thought I would have to buy an entirely new toilet. So anyway, now all my friends buy me limes for Christmas.”

An anonymous Junior student recalls an error in judgement with standardized testing.

“I was in elementary school and there was this kid sitting next to me for the PSSA’s and I could see his whole bubble sheet so I copied it answer for answer. When we got done, he was like, ‘Dude, what test did you have?’ I said, ‘I don’t know… T4 or T5 or something like that.’ He said, ‘Yeah I had T6.’ I didn’t know what that meant until he explained that we all had different tests. When I got home, I cried a little bit. We got the results back in the summer and I had to explain to my dad why I got below basic on everything.”

Senior Emily Bowman discusses her family’s run in with the police.

“It was a summer night and my dad was away, so it was just my mom, my sister, my brother, and myself in the house. My sister wasn’t feeling too well, so she went to the basement where her coughing wouldn’t disturb anyone. It turns out my mom woke up because it had been raining a lot and she was worried the pool would overflow. When she came downstairs she saw the basement door open with the lights on, even though she locks that door every night. She was freaked out and thought somebody was down there, but she was too scared to go check and my dad wasn’t home. She woke up my brother to see if he would come help, but sometime between the time she went upstairs and came back down the light was turned off. So, they knew somebody was down there. My mom decided to call 911, and told the operator that somebody was in our house. The police got there at like 1:00 AM and my brother was standing there with his baseball bat. They checked all around the house and then went down the stairs, guns drawn. When they turned the corner, my sister sat up and groggily cried, ‘Mom?” The police officer just sort of left then.”

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