Prism Concert to Showcase Music Dept

Prism Concert Performance
Posted on 10/31/2018
Prism Concert PerformanceA New Take on Performance, the Prism Concert

Daniel Cody
Staff Writer

“Musicality” is one of Symphonic Wind Director Scott Ainscough’s most favorite words. This year, musicality will be taking a whole new connotation in the high school with the innovative prism concert. Annually, the band-music program at Cumberland Valley hosts a usual 3 concerts and 5 jazz performances throughout the school year, this year the entire music program will be contributing into one giant musical act.

The casual concert band or choir concert entails the normal 4-6 pieces and large ensemble on stage. However, this year, the musical programs at Cumberland Valley have compiled together to form the prism concert, an inventive new idea from Symphonic Winds director Ainscough.

In the prism concert format, individual musicians have the chance to show of their individual talents and capabilities. Scattered throughout the auditorium there will be musicians on balconies, walkways and different outlets. Senior clarinet players Cate Farber, Isabelle Plank, and Lauren Dick are excited about the potential to show off their musicianship as a section and individuals,

“It’s on November 13th. The PAC at 7. We’re excited because we’re able to show off in smaller groups- show our talents just as a clarinet section, it’s hard to do that in a full band.”

“It’s cool to see all of the other different groups of people and what they’re doing,”

“Yeah, and we finally get a chance to perform something we want to play,”

Musicians submit pieces they wish to play to Mr. Ainscough and assemble them by themselves or in their chosen groups.

One of these specialty players is junior Ben Smith. “I’m playing lots of pieces, the 4th movement of duo sonata is my favorite. It's really weird and the notes dont lineup very well it's cool, you're gonna love it- It’s different.”

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