Dan and Shay in Hershey

Dan and Shay in Hershey
Posted on 11/19/2018
Dan and Shay in HersheyDan and Shay Come to Hershey 
Cole Lucas
Staff Writer

For the first time, Morgan Evans, Dan and Shay, and Chris Young came to the Giant Center Friday, November 9th.

“This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. All of people were singing along an it was just a great experience,” junior Grace Phillips said.

The concert started out with Morgan Evans. He sang  his hit songs over the course of about 45 minutes. One fun fact about Morgan is that he does not perform with a band. He has this pedal at his feet where we records small sets of music with his guitar. Now, this does mean that he has the chance to mess up, but he has been using this pedal for about five years now.

After Morgan was done, DeeJay Silver came out and played other country style songs until the stage crew had time to set up for the main act, Dan and Shay.

After Silver was done, Dan and Shay came onto the stage. The crowd exploded as they walked out. Dan and Shay took the Giant Center by storm and performed their number-one hit, “From the Ground Up.” They sang for around an hour and a half.

Actually during the Dan and Shay song “Speechless,” two men proposed to their girlfriends, then Dan and Shay said that that was the first time this happened while they were singing.

After Dan and Shay were finished, DeeJay Silver came out once again to entertain the crowd before Chris Young took the stage for the final act. Young started out singing his number-one hit from his newest album, "Losing Sleep." The crowd exploded when they heard it.

For people who are looking for their first concert, or even their twentieth concert, Dan and Shay will cater to whoever attends. Their positive energy and mix of slow and fast songs makes for an amazing night with friends.

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