Best Memes of 2018

Best Memes of 2018
Posted on 01/16/2019
Memes of 2018

The Best Memes of 2018

Daniel Cody

Staff Writer

At the end of every year, people look back and reminisce on their achievements, setbacks, and personal growth within the past twelve months. SiInce the creation and establishment of the internet, people have communicated their newfound life experience in the most elegant way possible: internet memes. Community members can post their favorite pop culture jokes on many platforms. Here are some that made “most edgy” on my radar,

- “THHHHH” Donald trump

Don’t you just love that he’s our president.

- Ugandan Knuckles Filter

No explanation necessary.

- Thanos

I have serious concerns for the future of our culture.

- Chum bucket spongebob template

This one’s actually kinda funny.

- “You’ve heard of elf on the self, get ready for...”

The one internet joke that your dad will get.

- Net neutrality

Ajit Pai is the modern monopoly man in real life

- Car template

Quality material

- Star Wars high waisted dude

He’s Mr. Universe 2019 for sure

- Elon Musk sending a submarine to Thailand

Not like they got out fine, but I guess billionaires have hearts too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This is a violation of morality and the laws of physics

- Pokémon face

Don’t think, just retweet.

- Gabby singing

“So what if I’m the monsTEEEEEEERRRRR”

- Jojo Siwa


- James Charles “shishter”

As a gay man, I sincerely believe I am the opposite of James Charles.

- Concentration dude

If you stare at it long enough you can tell he’s taking a chemistry test.

- Sprite Cranberry

It’s the thirstiest time of the year.

- Oprah Gifs

Perfect explanation for all of these memes.

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