Keep Those White Shoes Clean

Posted on 01/24/2019

Gage Russell
Staff Writer

Everybody loves to look fresh in the halls of CV high school but it's not always easy. A big trend is white shoes such as Vans, Sports Shoes, etc. Brand new they always look really good and just go with every outfit. You can never go wrong with white shoes.

But as time goes on and the more and more they worn they start to get dirty, and nobody likes dirty white shoes. Another factor that goes into this is that parents will stop buying them because they think buying the shoe is a waste of money because how dirty they get so fast.

Believe it or not there is a solution to stop this.

As the material goes some shoes are different some are canvas and others are a sort of mesh with is usually the athletic shoe. With canvas for example (Vans), try to avoid using any type of cleaner, bleach or hydrogen peroxide. If these are used studies show that the end result leaves some sort of a yellow stain which turns the shoes into more of a cream color which is not what we want. When cleaning canvas shoes try and stay closer to more,less-potent products like Dawn soap and hot water, laundry detergent or even baking soda can work.

Putting them in the washing machine is a big no for a canvas shoe do the structure of the shoe;when it gets tossed around in the washing machine it will lose its structure and over time will begin to decay. Also do not scrub too hard with this type of shoe the material will eventually wear down and fall apart.

The athletic shoe is a completely different story. Most of these products are always able to be put through the washing machine,just always make sure to take the laces out ahead of time. With a mesh shoe it is always ok to use bleach or any potent product because of the material. The mesh will absorb the bleach and simply turn the color white just as it will with your clothes. When working with mesh, feel free to scrub as hard as you can to get the stains out. Using too hard of a brush will cause the material to fall apart, so just save yourself a headache and use an old toothbrush.

At first when you are done cleaning the shoes they will not look white, but do not be afraid. Simply let them air out and do not put them in the dryer; this always ends bad causing the shoe soul to melt and or ruin the structure.

With these tips you can not go wrong if you take your time and do not get frustrated. Keep it fresh.

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