Honors Courses

Honors Courses
Posted on 02/03/2019
Honors and AP Students

Kate DeVries
Staff Writer
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It is course selection time. Some students say it is stressful, while it excites other students.

A big question that most students ask themselves while picking their classes is, “Should I take honors?”

The answer to this question can be a big deal to some students. This is what some students and staff think.

The opinions people have on honors courses vary, some students and staff are all for honors courses while others think they are taken too seriously.

“I think honors and AP courses are good for some students. Not all students are prepared to meet the expectations of these courses," English teacher Mrs. Conni Rossi said. "I wouldn’t recommend a student to take an honors or AP courses because someone wants them to; students should take these courses because they want to take them.” 

“I think honors classes are smart to take if you're interested in the class or topic, but if you aren’t interested, don’t take it.” Sophomore Ben Drury said.

“I think honors courses are hard, but in the end are really useful if you are interested in the topic,” sophomore Anike Heller said.

After taking and teaching these courses the students and staff have thoughts on recommendations to who should take the harder classes.

“I generally recommend these levels of courses to students that I know are willing to put in the additional work. I think they are great for students looking to
go deeper into a subject. Also I believe students who take these courses need to be highly motivated,” Mrs. Rossi said.

“I would definitely not recommend an honors course to a student who is not interested in the subject and is only doing the course for the weight. I just think there is too much work involved in the course to do it for a weighted grade,” Heller said.

Even though some people have mixed thoughts on honors courses, mostly everyone can agree that the class has its own advantages and disadvantages.

“I mean the courses have a lot of work so I would recommend only taking a few, and it takes up a lot of time especially for athletes. I think the courses are good to take because people get better grades and colleges like it,” Freshman Kenzie Graham said.

“The benefits of these types of courses allow for more challenges and exposure to more in depth material for class discussions, presentations and writings,” Mrs. Rossi said.

Finally, these courses are not easy, so students need to be prepared for what is to come while taking them.

“Students should be ready to do more independent work while being comfortable asking questions when needed. Many times students in our English honors and AP courses will be studying two works at a time,” Mrs. Rossi said.

“Depending on the class students should be ready to have a lot more homework and independent work in class, as well as summer work,” Heller said.

Overall, taking an honors or AP course is completely up to a student. The general consensus after talking to staff and students is that these classes do require time and interest if you want to succeed in them.

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