Finding Local Charm

Finding Local Charm
Posted on 02/19/2019
Eckel's Ice Cream ParlorFinding Local Charm

Daniel Cody
Staff Writer
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Suburban sprawl is becoming apparent in areas around the United States. Since the beginning of highway construction in the 50s life has been increasingly spread out. Strip malls, fast food restaurants, superstores, and many other facets of roadside commercialism have become a daily aspect of our lives. Pennsylvania is the distribution hub of the Northeast corridor, so money’s on cars and transportation.

In Central Pennsylvania there is 159 million feet of commercial warehouse space alone, according to Pennlive. All of those goods have to be shipped through somehow, and that is through our massive highway transport system. This has led to a huge road culture presence, and with it, the Carlisle Pike. For teenagers at CV the Carlisle Pike is home to employment, social spaces and a multitude of restaurants. The peculiar part of this is that they all are on the same stretch of same four-lane road. This causes a lot of harm to the local environment, business, and culture. The Carlisle Pike air carcinogen quality is even worse than cities like Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia, according to cumberlink. While the Carlisle Pike does generate income for CV, it is also important to look at what is good for the local community and for health.

So, instead of going to Panera Bread for the millionth time, here’s some other places to visit,

In this local Cafe, you’ll find the perfect atmosphere to absorb your caffeine in peace. All of the lattes, cappuccinos, and various other espresso drinks are made old fashioned. Of course, the crepes are delectable as well. Helena’s has a wonderful collegetown vibe along with the rest of High Street, so you’ll find this a wonderful place to go work after school. Marie Antoinette would approve.

Taqueria Laurita
The Taqueria Laurita is another Carlisle classic. Also located on high street, the building is charming with the best Tacos in the tri-county region. Affordable prices and original recipes also make this place authentically delicious. Laurita comes from the Spanish derivative of Laura, meaning little Laura. Bet you didn’t know that.

Cornerstone Coffee House
The Cornerstone Coffeehouse is also located within a quasi-sprawled area. However, Camp Hill as well as downtown Mechanicsburg and Carlisle provide a hopeful future for our region. Cornerstone is rather expensive, but the excellent lattes and pastries are worth the prices. Definitely somewhere a beanie wearing college kid would educate you on post-post age neomodernism.

Capital Joe
Capital Joe is located in downtown Mechanicsburg. The parking is tight on main street, so you may have to keep your car in one of the surrounding lots- but the lattes are completely worth it. The once multi-purpose building has been refitted into a new-age espresso shop with all kinds of old fashioned drinks.

Fuller Lake
Fuller lake is an area perfect for relaxing and swimming during the summer. The nearby park also offers many hiking and biking trails. Located around Cooke Township, it’s a bit of a drive but worth it for a quick summer day off. One time a hippy lady told me that I was “earthing” because I was walking without shoes, whatever that means. So, definitely chill vibes.

Eckels Ice Cream fountain (pictured at the top of the article) is located in downtown Mechanicsburg. This old style ice cream parlor is a perfect place to visit after work with friends or if you want the family to have a fun outing. The antique Coke memorabilia seems to be a consistent theme in mom and pop restaurants, and this shop has no shortage.

Massey’s ice cream shop is located right off of dickinson’s campus in Carlisle. This particular shop offers multiple different forms of ice cream, including scoops, bowls, cones, malts and many more. The collegetown vibes is pull factor to this particular shop for many older students in the surrounding high schools. In the summer, beware of the ballerinas.

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