Are Students Over Scheduled

Are Students Over Scheduled
Posted on 03/05/2019
Over ScheduledAre Students Over Scheduled in High school?
Ally Palmer
Staff Writer
[email protected]

If I were asked if I was overscheduled as a high school student as a freshman, my answer would be the same as it is today, no doubt. Dealing with school for 8 hours then homework each night along with extra curriculars, there is hardly any down time. And if I gave myself too much time at night to watch Netflix, I would have to do work late into the night or risk the consequences the next day in class.

I realize that each student handles their work in different manners. Some decide to do hardly anything, but others do an abundance of work. Work effort depends solely on the student.

However, workload also depends on the level of the class, if a student is taking most AP or IB classes, they’re bound to have more work than students who are not. Even so, there are still large amounts of work in most types of classes not matter the level. Add all of the classes up, and that is a lot of work outside of school.

There are other variables that keep students in high school overscheduled as well. Any sports or extracurriculars will keep students busy. Sports these days keep students really busy because most have practice most days of the week when in season, which is a big commitment. Having to tackle the busy schedule of a sport on top of school work gets difficult.

The same goes for any other extracurriculars, they take up time in the day, which is a good thing, but it adds to the busy schedule.

Another thing that keeps students busy is their social lives. Although this is seen as voluntary, students need time to be teenagers and to have fun and enjoy themselves. No one can be solely a student 24/7.

Also, not to mention that most juniors and seniors have jobs that they need to juggle along with all of their other obligations. There are plenty of other things that keep students overscheduled like personal problems as well. There are many possibilities.

Adults do not realize how overscheduled our lives as high schoolers can get because they compare it to their lives when they were high schoolers. However times are different now. We are different, and we have more stuff to do than they realize.

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