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Posted on 03/06/2019
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Veronica Slevin
Staff Writer
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Sports are an important part of many students' lives. Many students involve themselves in sports either in the school, for a club outside of school, or for both. As the school gears up for the spring season and the winter season ends, it is important to see the value in sports.

There are many advantages of playing sports during school. Playing sports motivate a student athlete to earn better grades, expose them to better people, build leadership skills, and develop better time management. It is vital to have these skills going into the future.

Junior Kim Sundy was on the winter track team and is hoping to make the spring track team. She said an important to be "able to teach the underclassmen skills to help build leadership,” Sundy said.

The physical part of sports is also important to high schoolers.

“Track keeps me in shape through the school year,” Sundy said.

However, there are disadvantages as well.

Being on a sports team here can feel very overwhelming. At CV, coaches and teammates expect excellence out of athletes that at most schools is not attainable. It can be hard to practice everyday or almost every day.

“It is tough to balance school work with meets and practice. It makes me tired” Sundy said.

Brynne Martin, a junior, is part of the JV girls volleyball team here.

“We have games about two times during the week, and practice the other days,” Martin said.

In this area, there are opportunities for sports outside of CV, such as Keystone Soccer to Prevail Volleyball to Cheer Tyme cheerleading. These activities require even more time management, especially for athletes who participate in CV and club sports.

“My club team practices 2-3 times a week. All games are in tournaments, so it is extra commitment,” Martin said.

Martin does see the advantage of doing both school and club sports. For example, through the school she can go to states, but through the club she can go to nationals.

Overall, sports most definitely have a positive impact on high schoolers because of they teach many interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Students learn how to be healthier members of society, both physically and mentally.

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