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Posted on 04/05/2019
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Kate DeVries
Staff Writer
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A huge school like CV offers many opportunities to students. One opportunity is the athletic training internship. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in the medical field and athletics.

“There are a ton of benefits from the internship. You get a lot of medical knowledge, and you can ask any question because the trainers will be able to answer," freshman basketball trainer Cami Palmer said. In particular, I learned a lot about shin splints and other ailments that members from other teams could have. I got to learn how to wrap ankles and do a lot of like medical things that a lot of students don’t have the opportunity to have.” 

“Some main takeaways from the internship are that you get to work with the athletes that have injuries, and get to watch and learn how to prevent and heal the injuries," Caroline Lange said. "Also, internship adds a credit for school.” 

The internship is very beneficial and provides a lot of valuable experiences for the student-trainers. The spots are limited for the internship, and it does require responsibilities, but in the end it is definitely worth it.

“The responsibilities i've had so far have been filling the waters up for the team, getting ice, and watching every practice to make sure nobody gets hurt so incase it happens we are there to help.” Lange said.

“My responsibilities were that I had to sit at the sidelines for the games, and if anybody were to get hurt we would go and help them out. Also, pre-game, if anybody needed anything done, any medicine, ankles, or anything looked at we would get them the help they needed,” Palmer said.

To complete the internship each student-trainer needs a total of 10 hours a week along with a few other papers.
“At the end of the internship there is a little survey of how the experience went and everything like that. Also, if you didn’t do a good job then most likey you wouldn’t be selected next year,” Palmer said.

“I recommend this internship because there is so much that you learn and being hands-on with the athletes is very fun,” Lange said.

Overall, the internship opens doors to many opportunities; all while being a fun experience that teaches students about sports injuries and allows a lot of hands-on opportunities that will benefit those interested in careers related to the internship.

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