Tape in Everyday Life

Posted on 04/05/2019
TapeTape in Everyday Life
Michael Keefe
Staff Writer
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Tape is an essential part of life. People use tape for everything in the world. It is cheap and accessible. Do you need some tape?

There are so many different types of tape. Among them include electrical, duct, masking, double-sided, adhesive, self-amalgamating, gaffer, Scotch, filament, friction, Gorilla, security, speed, surgical, tear, packing, and elastic therapeutic tape. All the tapes are useful in their own way.

Freshman Max Wilken said, “I use elastic therapeutic tape since lacrosse season started up and I get very sore after games and practices. The tape helps with the soreness but it is very hard to take off. It takes about two to three days for the tape to come off, and if you rip the tape off, it hurts”.

Elastic therapeutic tape is for an injury to relieve pain by different mechanisms from pulling your skin from your leg to make the users leg less sore or painful.

The hosts of Mythbusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, made a canoe from just duct tape and were canoeing for hours. Check it out here: Duct Tape Canoe Video

Sophomore Henry Benzin said, “Daily, I use duct tape for taping something onto another or fixing a remote or shelf that has broke that needs temporary help”.

Overall, tape is a miracle tool that will fix the job temporarily or forever as an easy, cheap necessity. People should always have tape in their shelfs.

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