CV Takes On Brandy Melville

CV Takes On Brandy Melville
Posted on 09/06/2019
Brandy MelvilleCV Takes on Brandy Melville
Kayla Keefe
Staff Writer
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Brandy Melville started as a Californian based brand, but spread rapidly across the U.S. as many social media influencers began wearing or doing sponsorships with their brand. They have few in-store locations, but their online store is very popular.

There has been a lot of controversy recently surrounding Brandy’s “one-size-fits-all” schema. The “one size” fits only tall, thin girls, and is equivalent to sizes 2-4.

A lot of girls feel insecure and unattractive after ordering Brandy online and subsequently having to go to the store and return it, because one size does not fit all. In fact, it fits almost no one.

“I just think that it makes people really uncomfortable and ashamed of their bodies. I couldn’t even imagine walking into a store and having nothing fit me, because they make clothes for teens with an ‘ideal’ body type,” senior Sandra Fahmy said.

However, many teen girls are still fans of Brandy’s affordability and 90s-inspired aesthetic.

Junior Heather Marbaise buys many of her clothes online. Her favorite online shop is Brandy. “ I think their clothes are very cute, but also it is not expensive.”

Brandy’s overall look has influenced many style trends recently, including the resurgence of plaid skirts and pants. Many girls feel left out of these trends due to Brandy’s size restrictions, which make it seem like trendy fashion is exclusive to the impossibly skinny.

“I really like their clothes, but they only have a size small, so I can never order any because of the size. When I look online, the clothes are so cheap, but just never the right size,” junior Josette Gale said.

The closest Brandy Melville stores are in Philly and Washington D.C.

There have been many online videos and posts criticizing the quality of service in these in-store locations.

Junior Kara Lehman has been to the one in Philly. “I really do not like Brandy due to the customer service being rude and ignorant. It seems like they almost judge you when you get a top that does not seem like it would fit me.”

However, many girls remain loyal customers despite these circumstances.

Marbaise said, “I feel like there are plus size stores, so I really do not think having Brandy be a one size fit all store hurts anyone, but I can see why it could offend some people.”

“I feel like if they made more sizes, they would have a lot more business,” said Gale.

The company itself has given no explanation for its size restrictions, and people speculate that it is simply to create an atmosphere of exclusivity around the brand.

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