It Chapter 2 Movie Review

It Chapter Two Movie Review
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer
[email protected]


It Chapter Two is the wacky, thrilling second movie of the “It” sequel. The second movie premiered September 5th in all theatres. Workers at the AMC Hampden 8 Theatre claim that many people have been saying great things about the film. Personally, I found the movie was not scary. There were jump scares and many suspenseful parts, but the scares were not as terrifying as lead up to be. I was able to go to sleep soundly after watching, which was disappointing.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the climactic storyline and found it interesting how It Chapter Two”built off of the first movie. There were many flashbacks from the first movie used to help develop the storyline, so seeing the first “It” before seeing the second is a smart idea. Even though there were many sad parts, the ending was positive and created a feeling of joy. I also was intrigued with the different graphics and animations that the movie contained. Most of the creepy parts seemed to look real, which adds a darker effect.

The comedic lines were inappropriate, but very funny. Many f bombs were dropped. Various scenes contained blood and death. Therefore, the R rating accurately fit the movie. This is not a movie for little kids. If not 18 years of age, I recommended seeing the movie with a significant other, an older friend, or a parent.

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