Homecoming Proposal Guide

Homecoming Proposal Guide
Posted on 09/13/2019
Homecoming Proposal GuideHow to Make a Homecoming Proposal
Lily Graff
Staff Writer
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Students look forward to asking a date to homecoming but often struggle to avoid a traditional proposal. During the weeks leading up to homecoming, students can hopefully win themselves a date by following a step by step process to create a unique proposal.

Step 1: Pick a Theme
Assuming they already have a date in mind, the student will need to create a theme that is special to their date. For example; a sports proposal, a food-related proposal, an inside joke proposal, etc. In order to come up with a theme, the student will need to brainstorm the hobbies and interests of their date. By incorporating a customized theme, the proposal becomes unique and individualized.

Sophomore Mack DeVries has been successful in creating great homecoming proposals for the past two years. DeVries said, “Marisa (his girlfriend) really likes turtles and for our one year I got her a stuffed animal turtle, so then I thought of the idea to combine one of the gifts I got her along with the homecoming proposal.”

Step 2: Write the Request
Once they have selected a theme, the student will need to write a pun or phrase for their proposal. This step requires creative thinking and clever word choice. Most homecoming proposals contain puns in them that relate to the subject. For example, if the proposal is revolving around elephants, because your date likes elephants, the pun could be, “It would be Ele-PHANTASTIC if you would be my date to hoco!” Others choose to keep it simple by stating, “Hoco?” but add a decorative touch.

Sometimes the idea for a pun can come out of the blue. Devries said, “The idea came to me naturally. I was just walking my dog and then I thought of it and wrote it in my notes so I wouldn’t forget…It would be 'Turtley' awesome if you went to hoco with me. The pun just came naturally. Totally and ‘Turtley’ sort of sounded the same.”

Step 3: Choose the Sign and Gather Materials
In order to create the sign or message, there are some resources the student will need. Traditionally, homecoming proposals are displayed on poster boards. They will need to acquire a poster board along with additional materials such as cut outs, markers, stickers, and other items to decorate the poster. Local craft stores are perfect for finding these items but supplies from the student’s home will also work. Using their selected subjects and phrase, the student is ready to compile their board with the letters, pictures, drawings, and more.

When finished, they can also incorporate addition items given as side gifts. These small gifts should still fall into the theme of the proposal. An example of this would be creating a pun about Chick-fil-a, and then proceeding to purchase food from that restaurant for the date. By following this method, the student can create a perfect and traditional proposal poster. However, new technology has allowed for more modern ways of asking such as through apps, social media, and even forms of music.

Step 4: Choose a Location
The final step in creating the perfect proposal is selecting a location. This location is going to be the place where the student will ask the date to accompany them to homecoming by presenting their creation. Although it may not seem important, the location can determine the mood of the whole proposal. Some common settings include after sporting events, at the date’s home, school hallways, or a unique location that relates to the theme. Keep in mind that wherever the proposal location is, it should be a good place to take pictures in order to capture the moment.

The location is completely dependant on the student and their date. DeVries said, “I chose to ask her at my house because it is a more low-key place. It doesn’t draw much attention. Also, I didn’t want to put her on the spot.”

If the setting is right and they have put thought into their creation, the student should successfully be able to win themselves a date to homecoming.

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