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Architecture Class
Posted on 09/20/2019
Architecture ClassInside the Elective: Architectural Design and Drafting

Landry Whittaker
Staff Writer
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Cumberland Valley High School offers an architectural design and drafting class to those who are interested in exploring a career in architecture.

It is taught by Ms. Elizabeth Kern, who is new to CV. Besides architecture, she teaches five other computer-aided design courses.

“The students will be learning the basics of floor planning, room setup, and layout, as well as residential, electrical, and plumbing layouts," Kern said. "They are also learning how to use the software Revit to do all of these projects.”  

Senior Benny Duncan has been involved in a four-year program called Project Lead The Way. PLTW Computer Science teaches students real-world problem solving, coding skills, and better communication/ thinking ethics.

For students enrolled in this elective who want to pursue a future in architecture, Penn State has a well esteemed architectural pathway.

“Penn State has a 5 year architecture program and I want to be an architect when I am older," Duncan said. "So I am taking this class to get experience and to understand what this college is looking for." 

A sophomore interested in an architectural career, Paige Campbell, is also looking at Penn State as her main college choice.

The class isn't only for future architects. Senior Nick Pankewicz is taking this class to help with his interest in civil engineering.

Projects in this class involve using design skills to create models of different types of buildings.

“So far, we learned about the different styles of homes and where to find them. Right now, we are making our own ranch house," Duncan said. "First, we went over all the constraints to the house even though there weren’t many. Then, we listed off what she wanted the house to have in it. We added outside walls then inside partition walls, mapped out the layout of the house, then added all the necessary furniture for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. We also added the doors and windows, plus a garage. And finally a roof to tie it all together."

Just like any other elective, the teacher has requirements, but this course is more of an individual learning class with aid from the teacher if needed.

“I do not like the classes where the teacher says, ‘This is the answer and you have to be right.’ With this class, I get to use my imagination and use my own perspective,” Duncan said.

Pankewicz agrees with Kern’s style of teaching and the structure of the course.

“While doing all of the projects, it is super simple because it is not like you have super strict rules, it’s more like guidelines. You really get to do your own thing,” Pankewicz said.

The architecture elective is a good opportunity for students interested in design and digital media to explore a new field.

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