Drizzi G Becoming A Sensation

Drizzi G Becoming a Soundcloud Sensation
Posted on 10/29/2019
Drizzi GGiovanni Bellido (AKA Drizzi G)’s Path to Becoming Soundcloud Sensation.

Landry Whittaker
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Staff Writer

Giovanni Bellido’s music career started in his sixth grade science class and moved to his own bedroom studio.

He has been listening to hip-hop and rap most of his childhood, drawing on Drake for his inspiration.

Bellido wanted to have a musical name for himself, and with the inspirational Drake having the nickname of “Drizzy,” Bellido wanted his own rendition of that nickname. Drizzi G was born.

“I’ve been listening to Drake since I was a little kid and I look up to him because he is an artist and a producer, I think that’s amazing,” Drizzi G said.

While being a producer, Drizzi G comes up with music throughout the day, but one thing he likes to incorporate in all of his songs is a melody.

“There always has to be a catchy part that people can latch onto. Especially in the hook. I try to say meaningful things instead of just talking into the mic, I try to give it emotion,” Drizzi G said.

“Cautious” is one of his first to blow up on the music media platform, Soundcloud, with over 162 thousand plays.

Since Drizzi G is still in school, he hears a lot of input about his music from peers, both positive and negative.

“The best feeling as an artist is hearing people sing my songs and seeing people actually like my music. And for my haters, I just try to ignore them because I’ve worked for what I have now and I know they cannot do what I do,” Drizzi G said.

Drizzi G plans on going far and big with his musical career, look out for Driz in the future.

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