Library Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee
Posted on 11/01/2019
Library Advisory CommitteeInside the Library Advisory Team
Melanie Ascoli
Staff Writer
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The aftermath of the first 2019 Library Advisory Team meeting in October 28th.

Cumberland Valley High School is home to dozens of unique clubs and teams, but none are anything like the Library Advisory Team. The Library Advisory club is a diverse and open club that promotes not just the library, but volunteering and creativity as well.

New admins junior Shannon Brown and junior Katie Petruzziello are working hard to revamp the Library Advisory Team into a place where everyone wants to be and there is always something to do. The school librarian Mrs. Boehne also plays are a large role in the club and controls more of the technical side.

While the club is not new, it is in the process of a major renovation. The Library Advisory Team has been around for a while but has not always been under the same name. Since the club's creation, it has expanded to include more topics and interests other than reading and books, in order to appeal to a broader range of kids.

“I’ve been here 13 years and this kind of started out a group called Reading Council, and I sort of inherited that when I arrived here while it was more of a book club," Boehne said.

The admins are working hard to make sure the Library Advisory Team is a fun place for everybody.

“We want to open it up to be much broader, we want to continue to do crafts and things like that, but we also want people to volunteer and we might do a book club”, said club admin Petruzziello.

For crafts and fun creative activities, the club has a special area called the Maker’s Place, located in the back of the library. This is a fun area where kids are encouraged to be creative and make fun projects during or outside of the club.

Petruzziello said, “It is in the very back of the library, it has a lot of technology like 3D printers and robots you can program, it's very fun."

That is not all the club offers though. Students are able to gain volunteer hours by connecting with the club and working in the library volunteering. Students can come to get hours for other clubs or simply because they enjoy the library.

“Every year I would get more and more kids coming to ask me about volunteer hours in the library for NAHS, NHS, and Key club and that’s a great thing for kids to do and kids keep track of their times here,” Boehne said. “There’s a lot of different things I’ve had students do from volunteering”.

Brown, Petruzziello and Mrs. Boehne are ready to accept new students with open arms and encourage freshmen as well as all students to come and join the club.

“People should join our library advisory team because we are a team so we need more team players and its a really inclusive club and we want other people’s opinions so we can make this library a good place for everyone," Brown said.

Petruzziello said, “People should join the club because we are a team and we are going to have lots of fun” and “We aren’t very strict and the club can kind of go any direction right now."

There are no set meeting dates yet but the club should meet at least once a month on a Monday.

Boehne says, “Pay attention to the announcements, and if you want to be on the club list, send me a message and I’ll add you to the group”.

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