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Club Green
Posted on 11/15/2019
Club GreenClub Green: Being Eco-Friendly at CV
Aparna Raghu
Staff Writer
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Club Green promotes reusing, reducing, and recycling in the community. They meet twice a month to explore
and initiate various small service projects among the members of the group that encourage the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Mrs. Gena McVitty, the family and consumer science teacher at CVHS and advisor of the club, says it has been running for quite a long time and this is her sixth year running it.

There are leadership positions in Club Green in which students organize and plan projects for the club meetings. Junior Riley Anderson is the president of the club, junior
Dina Elmezayen is the vice president, sophomore Elliot Breech is the secretary, and senior Rachel Shin is the treasurer.

These students are responsible for the technical formalities behind the club. Besides that, they also contribute by
coordinating a few outdoor projects each school year. One year they planted trees and another they utilized one day to pick up trash around the school premises.

Small projects like these affect the community in several positive ways and are influential if done consistently and thoroughly.

McVitty said, “I think we all need to be good stewards of the Earth because we only have one and it doesn’t matter who you are, you can at least do your part and think of others other than yourself and the planet.”

For November’s first meeting, the students of Club Green began a new project in which they reused old fabric instead of disposing of it.

Mrs. McVitty said, “Right now what they’re doing is they’re actually taking old fabric that you just have lying around and there is this material that you put on it that makes it a wax wrap. That way, you can keep reusing it rather than using plastic wrap."

Students sprinkle small wax beans evenly throughout a scrap of fabric and baking it for the end product. Some other activities they do are tie dying using natural dyes and recycling of mascara wands, batteries, and
crayons. They clean these objects and send them back to the company to reuse them.

“Crayola actually, the markers-it doesn’t matter if it’s their brand or not, you just send them back and they’ll recycle them," McVitty said.

To be apart of a community of eco-friendly citizens at CV, join Club Green and contact Mrs. McVitty or the club officers to find out more information. 
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