Movie Review: Countdown

Movie Review: Countdown
Posted on 11/15/2019
Movie Review: CountdownMovie Review: Countdown
Ethan Zeigler
Staff Writer
[email protected]

This movie has had many reviews and critics saying that it was a pretty decent movie, but I disagree.

The storyline is very uninteresting and not very appealing. I went into the movie with an open mind, I was thinking that it was going to be a thrilling and eye catching movie but it was pretty much a snooze fest.

There were a few occasional jump scares and creepy
parts and effects, but for the most part it was not that exciting and not very scary at all.

The acting in the movie was not bad but the actors in it are not super popular or well known so it also did bring a lot of attention to the film.

The movie overall had good basics, but the overall look of the film it was not an exciting or good film if you are looking for a really scary movie that would give you chills.

The movie was very unoriginal from the perspective of the scares and suspense in the film, it was very predictable
and it ruined the vibe.

The movie is just different people making the same mistakes over and over which made the movie repetitive and boring to watch. It had a very 80s scary movie vibe to it, and the producers also kind of ruined the movie through humor, they tried to add new-age descriptors like, “millennial humor" which really make the movie corny and cringey to watch and listen to.

The timing of the jokes and even the important things were out of place in my opinion which also made me think less of this film. Though the movie was not good in my opinion I do believe that this would be a good movie for a younger person looking for a scary movie or someone who is trying to start watching scary movies because it is not that scary, but to some it could be pretty frightening.
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