Teacher Highlight: Mrs. Mealy

Teacher Highlight: Mrs. Mealy
Posted on 11/18/2019
Teacher Highlight: Mrs. MealyTeacher Highlight: Mrs. Mealy
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer
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English teacher Jessica Mealy finds joy in educating the future leaders of society. She is known by students for her witty jokes and over the top Halloween decorations. There is never a dull moment in room 271.

“I enjoy interacting with my students and having meaningful discussions on good literature,” Mealy said.

One of her favorite aspects of teaching is the diversity that comes with it.

“I like the change of teaching different kinds of students every year. You build different relationships with those students every year, so it’s a job that never gets stale,” Mealy said.

Mrs. Mealy has been teaching for 18 years, so she has had many experiences with students, good and bad.

“There are certain students who are more challenging than others, but I try to remember that they are people outside of my class and if they are challenging me it’s probably because they are going through something that is challenging them and sometimes I have to work on my patience, flexibility, and forgiveness," Mealy said. 

Even though students do challenge her, it is clear that she is meant to teach.

“I just always knew I wanted to teach. I liked playing school with my younger sister and I always had to be the teacher. I never questioned it. I went in my freshman year of college as an english education major. I never second guessed my choice,” Mealy said.

Another aspect of teaching Mrs. Mealy enjoys is that she has time for her family.

“As a mother, I love the schedule of teaching. I get to spend time with my own children, so that’s something I appreciate,” Mealy said.

“Life at home is chaotic. I have two daughters, a husband, and a son and they all are in very different stages of life. My oldest daughter is about to graduate from college, my other daughter just started middle school this year, and my son is a second grade terror. They all need different things from me so sometimes I get a little drained giving so much here [CV] and having to give it home too,” Mealy said.

Mrs. Mealy’s childhood shaped her into who she is today.

“I came from very humble beginnings with not a lot of money. My first job was at Hershey Park,’ Mealy said.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, being outside, and going to her children’s schooling events. She is also apart of various groups within the school.

“I used to coach our speech team. I am a sophomore class advisor, so in two years I will be planning prom and that will get busy. I’m apart of the students assistant program which helps students who are struggling with drug and alcohol issues or a mental issue,” Mealy said.

When Mealy retires from teaching english she plans to be in a tranquil environment surrounded by the things she loves the most.

“I want to go to Florida in the winter. I just want to read and relax and be by the pool every day,” Mealy said.
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