Student Highlight: Cambria Crossley

Student Highlight: Cambria Crossley
Posted on 12/06/2019
Student Highlight: Cambria CrossleyStudent Highlight: Cambria Crossley
Grace Milone
Staff Writer
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Cambria Crossley is a freshman at CV and was a member of the CV Girls Golf Team. Coming to the high school as a freshman can be intimidating and nerve wracking. Like many other students Crossley had many worries when beginning this year.

“It was scary!I thought [the school] was going to be very big and I would get lost and I did, but now it seems normal to me,” Crossley said.

“The first day was definitely as scary as I thought, but the rest of the days were pretty easy,” Crossley said.

Every student must adjust to the heavier workload and amounts of homework.

“The hardest thing coming to the high school was managing my time and getting all my work done because the amount of work is totally different from middle school,” Crossley said.

Now adjusted, Crossley looks forward to her academic future at CV. 

“Next year I definitely want to take intro to business. I really wish I would have this year,” Crossley said. "I really enjoy English honestly I don’t know why but it is one of my favorite classes,” Crossley said. "The most difficult class for me is history just because you cover a lot of very different time periods very quickly and is not very interesting to me. I do not like swimming in gym. I really feel like it is just unnecessary to take swimming at school."

Crossley's freshman year has been enhanced by her participation on the girls golf team. 

“It was very hard to manage at first because I was trying to figure out high school, and missing full days of school didn’t help, but in the end I got all my homework and work done,” Crossley said.

“It was very cool to be one of the only freshman in the golf team because I got to meet people I probably never would have if I didn’t play golf with them,” Crossley said. "My favorite part of being on the golf team is the friendships because the team is so small. Everyone becomes friends so quickly."

Being a part of a sport alone can be challenging, especially at the varsity level in a prestigious program. Crossley faced some difficulties when playing a sport that requires a lot of time missing school while being a new freshman, but she maintained her grades and qualified for the Mid Penn Championships.

Crossley looks forward to the rest of her year and next season.

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