Student Highlight: Matt Arnold (Davi)

Matt Arnold (Davi)
Posted on 12/09/2019
Matt Arnold (Davi)Music is Matt Arnold’s Escape

Landry Whittaker
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Matt Arnold started producing music as an outlet to tell others about his crazy lifestyle. Arnold is a junior balancing school, athletics, and work. Alongside his daily life, his friendships and life experiences spark his need for a musical outlet.

Like any other teenager, Arnold said that music has had a huge impact on his life. Arnold was introduced to the idea of making his own music by his talented older brother. Over time a new persona took form. On SoundCloud, Arnold is known as Davi.

“When I am recording, it’s no one else but me. I’m focused but still have some fun with it,” Arnold said.

Although Arnold likes making his own beats, he is also known for his collaborations with other local music artists such as Drizzi G, Lil Wicky, Zio, Lil KK, and a Cedar Cliff artist, Soggy.

“Daví is a very fun producer and has lots of talent, and he is able to make something out of nothing so there are always pieces to work on with him. The way he puts his lyrics out in our chill and fun environment, his rapping gives me literal chills,” Zach Wickenheiser (junior Lil Wicky) said.

But when he is not feeling very creative, he can count on his friends to text him encouraging and convincing words of wisdom to get back at doing what he likes.

Since Arnold likes to produce for his own leisure, a common theme in his music is his entertaining social life. Drafting ideas come to him while he is at work reflecting on his day, after a night out, or during a night in. He tries them out on the mic, and if he does not like it, no big deal. He does not have the pressures of an anticipated album or criticism from those who are not as skilled and bold.

“You don’t know how cool it is to hop in your car, play one of your own songs, and hear your voice just bumping. But I do it solely for me. I want to make music because it inspires me and reminds me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it,” Arnold said.

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