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Threaded Youth
Posted on 01/30/2020
Threaded YouthSit Down Interview with Threaded Youth
Landry Whittaker
Staff Writer
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Threaded Youth is a co-designed, limited edition, clothing company by senior Nick Reff and junior Stephen Esack. Their clothing is inspired by other trending art that they would like to put into the fashion industry. Threaded Youth’s instagram account, @ThreadedYouth, is how they
will reach their goal of expanding from selling solely to Cumberland Valley students to nearby states and as far as Georgia. 

Esack and Reff take their inspiration from clothing companies like Vlone, Pleasures, and other
streetwear brands. Threaded Youth is a uni-sex clothing company on the rise. With the brand’s first drop in September of 2019, they tell us more about their progress.

What sparked your interest in fashion?
“Growing up in today’s day, we see a lot more fashion on social media. And I’ve always thought
the industry was cool, including other hot, popular brands,” Reff said.

“For me it was about the music. I’ve always followed fashion through music and what the musicians wear. It’s interesting how different kinds of music influence the style of the time period,” Esack said.

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What made you take the fashion industry more seriously?
“I think it’s cool to see other people wearing our artwork,” Reff said.

Esack said, “It is satisfying seeing something that we’ve worked on so hard, and something we’ve created ourselves, that other people like enough to wear it and support us and the brand. It is really rewarding.”

Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design/ manufacturing?
“Anyone can learn anything from the internet, but to start, I took photography classes through the school. I never thought I would be able to apply my photography and photoshop skills into fashion, but over the years, the two blended together to make a design for the clothes,” Esack
said. Esack does more of the digital work and Reff does the hands on work.

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What’s the biggest lesson you have learned?
“Don’t trust people on the Internet,” Reff said. “I got scammed! So, I was going to buy this girl's Instagram account because she was “selling it” and we were going to promote our brand on it. She had 30,000 followers so it seemed legit. For $30, we were going to buy the account and transfer everything onto the new one to get a nice little head start. She never gave us the account information. That is what I learned.”

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” Esack said. “We were in way too deep. We designed 67 sweatshirts for a recording studio in Atlanta. We said we would take a
week and it ended up being a month. It was way more work than we thought it would be, to say the least. They did not give me anything to work with so I designed 9 different designs for each sweatshirt. It was surreal, I never thought we would blow up that big, work under a lot of pressure, and still pull it off. Catching blessings out here.”

They want to keep designing and selling their limited edition clothing so that every drop, Threaded Youth clothes are in the streets.
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