Movie Review: Dolittle

Movie Review: Dolittle
Posted on 02/04/2020
Movie Review: Dolittle
Josh Peterson
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Universal Pictures recently released Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. and it is not receiving good reviews by critics. I agree with those critics that this movie was a mess and had very few positives. The movie cost $175 million to make and it only made $55 million so far.

The acting in this movie was not bad, but there was nothing memorable. The accents of some of the characters were very awkward and sometimes seemed out of place. Downey Jr. is most famous for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel franchise. Some other well-known actors lend their voices to the film including Tom Holland, John Cena, and Selena Gomez.

The main positive in this movie was the CGI and how the movie looked. The animals looked great, but that does not distract from huge flaws throughout the film.

The plot was shaky and it was hard to watch. Dr. Dolittle was summoned to save the Queen of England from dying because he knew where the object to cure her was located. Dolittle brought his animal friends and his apprentice, Tommy Stubbins, on an adventure to find the cure. Not much happened on the adventure and the whole movie was forgettable. The storyline was predictable and was frustrating to watch.

Humor in Dolittle was easily the worst part of the movie. The humor was untimely and it was not funny. The jokes were childish but I do not even think kids would find them funny. The movie tried to have a lot of jokes, but I did not laugh once during the movie.

Dolittle never found what type of movie it was supposed to be. Sometimes it felt like it was trying to be an action movie, but other times it was trying to be a comedy. It was almost a kids’ movie, but I do not see this movie appealing to kids.

This movie does not appeal to me in any way. It was boring, predictable, and not funny. With most movies, I see some people finding it interesting, but I do not see anyone enjoying Dolittle. It seems as they spent their $175 million budget all on Robert Downey Jr. and it showed because the movie was a disaster. I would give it a 2/10 and I do not recommend this anyone besides younger people.

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