Series Review: 'You'

Series Review: 'You'
Posted on 02/25/2020
Series Review: 'You'“You” Review
Lily Graff
Staff Writer
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Throughout the school, many students have been obsessed with watching the newest season of the show You on Netflix. Many fan pages, theories, and analyses have been trending on all social media platforms in regards to the series.

In Sept. of 2018, season 1 of You debuted on Lifetime with 10 epsiodes. The show quickly gained the attention of many viewers and was given an impressive rating of 93% by the critics from Rotten Tomatoes.

Although the first season was a success, the show started gaining overwhelming attention with the release of season 2 Dec. 26, 2019. The 10 newest episodes have been a sensation among fans, yet the critics rated it with an 87%.

Following a thrilling season 1, season 2 returns with the same disturbingly addictive content. The second season picks up with the main character, Joe Goldberg, in the sunny state of California. Joe, played by Penn Badgley, finds a new love interest whom he treats with the same obsessive and stalker-like nature. His violent affections lead him down a new murderous path that worsens through the season.

Many new characters are introduced including Love Quinn who is portrayed by Victoria Pedretti from “The Haunting of Hill House." In the show, Love falls for Joe’s manipulative behaviors. Throughout the season she faces conflict with his ex-girlfriend Candace, played by Ambyr Childers. Candance attempts to stop Joe’s murderous reign and earn justice for all of his victims.

Without spoiling any more, I can assure you that watching the show will leave you on the edge of your seat, and is worth your time.

It is rated TV-MA, but I think that it is best for viewers 16+. Personally, I found the show to be very unsettling at times. As creepy as it was, it kept you constantly wanting to know what happens next. It starts off quite slow and can be often repetitive, however the ending is something that fans can not stop talking about. I, too, was shocked during the final episode and was left wanting resolution.

Luckily, Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, the creators of You, have announced that Season 3 will be released in April of 2021 with another 10 episodes filled with chills. It is rumored that in the 3rd season Joe will finally be thrown in prison as retribution for all his crimes.

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