Yumna Ahsan-Being Muslim at CV

Yumna Ahsan-Being Muslim at CV
Posted on 03/09/2020
Yumna Ahsan-Being Muslim at CVYumna Ahsan-Being Muslim at CV
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
[email protected]

During Spanish class, a student thought that freshman Yumna Ashan was Indian and not Muslim, though being Muslim is not a nationality, it is a religion. Yumna also isn’t Indian. She has had many of these experiences at school because people often aren’t educated when it comes to other religions and races.

“When I tell [people] that my mom was born in England, they’re like ‘really? I thought she’d be born in India.’”

Starting around 1760, western countries began colonizing and gaining economic benefits from other nations, including nations in the Middle East. This resulted in many Middle Easterns living in England. This topic is supposed to be taught in 7th grade, meaning people are choosing to ignore rather than understand basic information.

“People are really ignorant though, they should probably educate themselves.”

Yumna hasn’t faced much discrimination at CV but it does happen occasionally, usually with adults and parents.

“[My friend] said that she can’t come over because I was Muslim. She was laughing about it.”

Yumna is not the only person experiencing these interactions. It’s important to understand others and not to assume before knowing anything.

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