Virtual Academy: First Impression

My CVVA Experience
Posted on 10/08/2020
CVVAOnline Learning in The Middle of a Pandemic
Genevieve Miller
Staff Writer
[email protected]

School is a place where you go to learn, see friends, and make memories, at least that's how it was for me. This year is different though, thanks to COVID-19 I am one of the many students in CVVA (Cumberland Valley Virtual Academy). I never thought I’d live through a pandemic so I never imagined getting my education in my own home.

The moment they started talking about school I knew I wanted to go back. I wanted to see everyone, I wanted everything to go back to normal again. I wanted to have my first day of school excitement. After making the final decision though I ended up choosing to stay home, and I'm not going to lie it was really hard and I was really disappointed, but it was the best choice for me and my family to be safe.

My first day of online learning was not what I had expected at all, it was extremely laid back and I got to go at my own pace. I was able to sleep in because all of the classes were in the afternoon. At first I thought the new order of my classes was strange, like my first class was my fifth period and first period was my last class. I really didn't even understand how I was going to have a whole different set of classes the next day it was just so random.

Getting on my first zoom that day, which was my fifth period, there was only one other person in my class. It was an empty nagging feeling not seeing my friends and the rest of my classmates in class and them being with me on the first day back. I don't know what I expected online to be like at that point but I was not at all expecting that small of classes. I really missed walking into a loud class and having people sprawled out around the room having conversations and goofing off. 

The rest of my classes ended up having a few more people but I still had the same feelings throughout the day. I was really upset at the fact I honestly felt like everyone else was at school and I was the one missing out.

The best part of my first day however was when my teacher had told us to wave if we needed to get his attention while teaching, and my microphone stopped working but I had a question near the end of class and waved and he thought I was waving bye.

Honestly where I’m at now I do miss school but online school is going super well for me. I had to adjust to the change at first like everyone else but overall online school is less stressful for me, and in CVVA we get the same amount of work as everybody who goes to school. I think the times of my classes are what's working really well for me. I really recommend everyone give online learning a try if they are able.
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