Review: A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting

Review: A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting
Posted on 11/19/2020

Review: A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting

Zahra Anjum

Staff Writer

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A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting was released October 15th on Netflix, starring Tamara Smart, Tom Felton, and Oona Lawrence. Critics from said the combination of Halloween-timed scares, teen angst, and girl power makes this a fun watch for tweens. I can agree with the critics because the movie was really exciting. During its release, the movie was in Netflix’s top 10 ranking for movies and got a 5.4/10 on

The movie is about a high schooler named Kelly Ferguson (Smart), who babysits a 5-year-old boy named Jacob on Halloween night. Everything was fine until Jacob gets taken by creatures of the night under Kelly’s watch. Kelly isn’t exactly sure what to do and is freaked out because she herself was attacked by a boogeyman when she was younger, but nobody believed her. In fact, kids at her school started calling her “Monster Girl” because of her “hallucinations.”

Just when Kelly believes she lost everything, a girl named Liz LeRue (Lawrence) comes along. Liz LeRue is part of the Order of the Babysitters. The Order of the Babysitters is a secret organization that has been around for thousands of years whose goal is to protect kids from everything that goes crazy in the night. The organization is made up of teens who survived monster attacks when they were young, like Kelly. 

At first, Kelly is just worried and concerned about getting Jacob back before his mom gets home. However, after Liz, the vice president of the Order’s Rhode Island Chapter and the other babysitters realize that Jacob was taken by Grand Guignol, boogeyman royalty, they discover that the whole world is at stake. If the Order doesn’t rescue him fast, the Grand Guignol will unleash a monster army to the world. 

Kelly Ferguson is shown as a smart teen with amazing mathematical skills who just wants to be a normal teenager and have a normal life. Liz LeRue played by Lawrence is shown as a girl with attitude, who takes her job to protect the kids from monsters very seriously. She went through the same thing with the Grand Guignol, who took her brother and wanted to make sure it never happened with anyone else. Kelly and Liz’s friendship is incredible and the connection they have made the movie enjoyable. It also has Felton, who plays the Grand Guignol, as an evil boogeyman who wants to unleash terror on the world. His evilness with Jacob, played by Ian Ho, in wanting to sleep and have dreams, makes the movie very funny and suspenseful.

Victor Colletti, played by Alessio Scalzotto, is shown as the popular guy in Kelly’s school, who unlike everyone else, sees Kelly for who she really is, and not as the weird girl. His kindness towards her in the movie is heartwarming and cheerful. Cassie (Eliza Faria), Berna played by Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson  and Curtis played by Ty Consiglio, are the other babysitter’s who are part of the Rhode Chapter. Cassie skills for science, Berna’s tech skills, and Curtis’s talent for potion making, help Kelly and Liz rescue Jacob. Their commitment to help kids being attacked by monsters makes the movie interesting and fun. 

The movie was impressive and surprising to watch. I liked how each of the characters played there part well in the movie. However, there were some ideas about the movie that didn’t make sense nor were needed. Although, other than that, the movie was great to watch. he humor and the halloween spirit was probably the best part in the movie.

The special effects of the movie with the Boogeyman and his Toadies was probably the most creative part. I liked how they tried to make the Boogeyman look freaky, especially with his eyes and face. It helped to show that he was dangerous and they accomplished much of that with his looks.

The whole plot of the movie was unique and it was certainly something you wouldn’t expect. At the end, the movie lit a spark and it left the reminder that danger was still near and that is was coming. The acting of Lawrence, was my favorite because the character she played, it wasn’t just one-sided. We first see her as a negative and strict kind of person. However, we later see that she has nightmares in the past that haunted her and that she is a nice person inside. Lawrence’s acting helped to show that and she nailed Liz’s personality, especially the attitude side.

The idea of the movie was how to be brave, be yourself, and that anything scary can happen when its Halloween. The movie got a 65 percent rating from and the audience rating summary is 4.6/5. The TV-PG rating is also accurately fit for this movie. I would rate the movie as a 8/10 because it was a spooky and authentic movie and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to see a Halloween spirited and based on movie.  

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