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Amnesty Club
Posted on 11/19/2020
Amnesty ClubIntro to the CV Amnesty Club
Melanie Ascoli
Staff Writer
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So far in the 2020-2021 school year, Cumberland Valley Highschool has seen various new clubs join its long list. One of these clubs is the Amnesty Club, created by Senior Jeon Hee and Senior Rohan Khadka. This club is just one small branch of the international organization, Amnesty International. The club is focused on human rights and secular issues happening both in the past and in today’s age.

“CV Amnesty is a chapter from Amnesty International. We advocate for human rights, equality for all, and the current issues circulating the news," Khadka said.

The club tackles issues regarding the rights of minorities as well as issues happening in politics that affect the average person. They are looking to make CV, as well as the rest of the world, a safe and equal place for everyone to live regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, race, etc.

For one of their first campaigns, the club is tackling the issue of equal bathrooms for all genders.

“Currently we are working on implementing freemenstrual products in our school bathrooms as well as completing Amnesty International’s biggest annual human rights campaign Write For Rights!," Khadka said.

The club is looking to add menstrual products to both the guys and girls bathrooms as a way of including transgender students looking to use the bathroom of their
choice whilst still have access to necessities. Gender equality and Transgender rights are two issues that are at the heart of the club.

When discussing the club’s importance and why it was created, Khadka said, “Due to the current political climate, we believe that we needed to create a safe space where we can inform students at CV but also where students can share their opinions without being judged. We created our Amnesty chapter because we wanted to create a discussion based club that informs our members of international human rights injustices while also discussing domestic politics.”

“It has become increasingly clear in recent years that our generation matters in terms of politics and that we need to fight against human rights injustices. Our club is important because we help to inform our members, such that they can form their own political opinions and be active in the community,” Khadka said.

This club is a great experience for those interested in politics, people looking to develop their communication skills, minorities who need a voice, and any others looking to help make Cumberland Valley and the world a better place.

“Our main goal is to help keep students and our community informed. We care more about informing members rather than having students complete certain hours," Khadka said. The club only requires attendace at  meetings.

Announcements are posted days in advance on the club’s Instagram account, @cvamnesty, for meetings. To join, please contact either Khadka or Hee by email, social media, or in person.
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