The Confederate Flag: Symbol of Hate

Posted on 11/22/2020
Genevieve Miller
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Red colored cloth met together with a blue X in the middle, and thirteen stars spread right across each
bar. Thirteen stars representing the number of states in the confederacy. This flag is one of the most controversial symbols in America.

In 1861 the confederate flag was established as the banner of the rebellion from the union. The confederacy was a pro slavery, white seprmecist nation that did not
believe all men were created equal.

“I view the confederate flag as a racist symbol because the literal meaning of the confederate army and the reason they became the Confederate States of America was to secede from the Union because of slavery,” sophomore Noah Berdo said. “When I see that on shirts I think these people are living back in the 18th century and don't really know what they're talking about.”

Another student talks about how the flags symbol causes discomfort within her family.

“It makes me extremely irritated whenever I see it hung up or worn. Like my sister has one so anytime I’d go over there I’d have to see it and it just makes me super irritated. Not only does it represent the losing side of a war, but also the fact that they wanted to keep slaves, and you know that's not right” Junior Camera Bailey said.

America is heavily divided right now. White supremacists, who took to the streets in Charolettesville in 2017 carrying the confederate flag, was a reason that presidential-elect Joe Biden decided to run for president. The divide has been seen in the past in Cumberland Valley.

Senior Amanda Arbogast said, “Freshman year my friend saw a kid that was walking around in a confederate flag tank top, and she made a comment, ‘why do you feel the need to wear that shirt in a public high school like you're allowed, do you not care about the fact that may offend people.’ All he had to snap back with was just slurs, like it was nothing, no argument whatsoever. He called her the n- word and said that she doesn't have a right to talk about it. He was saying it's his right to have an
opinion and if he wants to wear a shirt about it then he can. It was just slur after slur and she was really bothered by that.”

A popular argument about why there's nothing wrong with the confederate flag is that it is a part of someone's heritage.

“I think that it is important that we teach our kids these things (heritage) but at the same time, there are
so many other ways we can acknowledge the Civil War and racism,” Junior Allison Mitchell said.

Mitchell shared that in her history class they read an article called, “You Want a Confederate Monument, My Body is a Confederate Monument.” She describes this article as a great representation of why the confederate flag isn't necessarily the best choice and important piece of southern heritage.

“People talk about these monuments and the flags, but they don't talk about her (the woman speaking
in the article) or others that come from the south that have Heritage of slavery and white men who took
power from their slaves and did all these terrible things,” Mitchell said.

While it is important to learn about our history and where we came from, it is also important to recognize the hurt and divide some of these symbols, like the confederate flag may cause.
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