Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4, Part 1

Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 1
Posted on 01/21/2021
Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 1 Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 1
Josh Peterson
Staff Writer
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The first six episodes of 'Attack on Titan Season 4' have been released on streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. 'Attack on Titan' is a popular anime and its final season is releasing episodes every Sunday. The show has gained traction throughout the last few years and has reached large viewership for Season 4.

The new season has introduced some new characters who show the other side of the war. It’s a great introduction to a world that was a mystery throughout the first three seasons. The new season does great world-building for the overall story and leaves unanswered questions for the later episodes. The music and animation is great as it was in the episodes before.

Eren, the main character, has changed his morals a lot since the four year time jump in between Season 3 and Season 4. It’s interesting to see how the old characters have changed and how they interact with the new characters introduced.

The theme of who the “bad guy” is between the different sides is very well done and has the viewer rethinking who to root for. The word “devil” is often used by the Marley Government to describe the people from Paradis Island which is where Eren is from. They use the word “devil” a lot in the show to develop the theme of humanity being cruel.

There are not many negatives to say about the season so far other than it being confusing at points which is not a negative when it is expected that plot points will make more sense as the season proceeds. A complaint is the new animation style and how the action sequences look different. I do not find it bad at all and the action sequences are as tense as the first three seasons.

The new season has started out great and I recommend anyone to try it and start from the beginning. It’s a great start and it will be interesting to see how the plot concludes.
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