PennDOT Lessons and Licensing

Posted on 02/08/2021
PennDOTPennDOT Driver’s License and Lessons
Jayson McGaffin
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is giving drivers lessons to student drivers, which will help them prepare and feel more confident for their driver’s test. These lessons are a more helpful and easier way for a student driver to prepare for when they take their test.

How it works is PENNDOT will send the person who will be testing you for your final test, and take you out for lessons on how to drive properly. The lessons are one hour and 30 minutes to two hours, and you will take two lessons before your test and a short one right before.

These lessons are to help the student driver work on their weaknesses so that they can perfect them. A really big benefit of the lessons is that if your teacher notices that you have perfected a category during the lessons, then they might not bother testing it on you.

Some tests can be really short if you master most categories of driving. Once you take your test and pass they will hand you your drivers permit with writing on it saying it is your temperary driver's license until you get your picture card.

I had taken my lessons on January 21st and 26st and would then take my test on February 4th. I took my lessons at PENNDOT Carlisle. My tester during the lessons was very helpful in teaching me new things I did not know. He taught me how to parallel park many times so that I would kill it on the test. The lessons were long, but worth it in which I grew confidence in driving and was ready to take my test. My instructor was very impressed with my driving during the lessons that he made my test pretty short.

I would end up passing after parallel parking, showing I know the controls, and driving for a little bit on the road. PENNDOT Carlisle was such a great experience for me and I recommend that all student drivers take these lessons because it will gain confidence and skill when driving.
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