High School's Spring Launch

Spring Launch
Student Opinion: Spring Launch
Kate DeVries
Staff Writer
[email protected]

On March 13, 2020 Cumberland Valley School District announced that we would be attending school virtually for two weeks due to the rapidly spreading virus COVID-19. That two weeks quickly became the rest of the school year.

By the time the 20-21 school year rolled around the high school decided to split students into three groups to keep the numbers in the building smaller: Group A who would attend in-person classes on Monday and Tuesday, Group B who would attend in-person classes on Thursday and Friday, and the students who would be part of CVVA.

It has been over a year since all of the students have been present at once in the high school, and on April 12, 2021 the high school started their “Spring Launch” where all of the students from Groups A and B came together to attend classes together on all days in the week except Wednesday.

I was really excited to be able to see all of my friends from Group B at school again because it had felt like forever since I've seen them in class. Going back to school for the Spring Launch honestly felt like I was experiencing the closest thing that I think I could get to my first day of junior year. It was nice to see crowded hallways again and things started to feel the most normal they have in a very long time

I also enjoy having full classrooms again because there are a lot more students engaging in class, and it does not feel like the conversations between the students and teachers are as awkward or forced. I also love being able to learn face-to-face rather than through a screen.

I feel as though I can learn much better and be more engaged and develop a more personal relationship with my teachers and classmates because I am now seeing them more than I was before the Spring Launch.

One thing I think that I can say on behalf of student drivers with the Spring Launch is that the parking lot is a big change. After going to school for the first three marking periods being able to park wherever we wanted, having assigned spots and a much busier lot has definitely been a hard adjustment.

For me personally, I live so close to the school that on days I do not have early release or late arrival I just walk to and from school so that I can avoid the traffic.

The Spring Launch has been a great transition to a more normal school scenario, and the school has done a great job celebrating having all of the students under one roof at the same time again. I could not be more happy to be back at school with most of my friends on a more consistent and intimate schedule where I am able to engage with people face-to-face and not through a screen.

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